Barron Trump to attend Maryland’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in…

first_img Josh Thomas says: By ENS staffPosted May 15, 2017 May 15, 2017 at 2:48 pm I hope the boy is allowed to attend school without protesters or tabloid photographers hounding him. Rector Smithfield, NC Priest-in-Charge Lebanon, OH Rector (FT or PT) Indian River, MI Comments (23) May 16, 2017 at 10:48 am When I thought more last night about why I couldn’t really understand the newsworthiness of this notice, I had a clarifying thought and so I am posting it here for what it is worth. It feels to me as though a denomination that is doing a lot to distance itself from its identity as an enclave for privileged persons historically, should be aware that this feeds into a nostalgia for the privileged past by being able to say that the President was married in an Episcopal parish and now his son is attending an Episcopal parochial school. I have this thought at the exact same time as I agree very much with the thoughtful and gracious comment of persons such as Joanne Sanders. In my case, I think both things simultaneously. . . . . . May 15, 2017 at 7:25 pm Bob, it’s not about Trump. It’s about the boy. Why is your dislike for the parents/ family transferred to Barron. President Donald Trump points to his son Barron while watching the inaugural parade Jan. 20, 2017, with first lady Melania Trump in Washington, D.C. Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria[Episcopal News Service] Barron Trump, President Donald Trump’s youngest child, will attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, this fall.Barron Trump, 11, will move to Washington, D.C., from New York with his mother, first lady Melania Trump, at some point after he finishes the current school year at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He is believed to be in fifth grade.St. Andrew’s Head of School Robert Kosasky and Rodney Glasgow, head of the middle school and chief diversity officer, wrote a letter to St. Andrew’s families confirming that the young Trump will become a member of the Class of 2024, CNN reported.The Washington Post reported that the White House wanted to announce the news in the summer after St. Andrew’s ended the academic year, in part out of concern that the school might become that site of protest. However, parents started to ask questions when rumors began to circulate and the school decided to confirm Barron Trump’s enrollment. CNN reported that the school had the Trump family’s permission to do so.Melania Trump said in a statement after the announcement that the family is “very excited” to have Barron Trump attend a school that she said is “known for its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence.” She said the school’s mission “to know and inspire each child in an inclusive community dedicated to exceptional teaching, learning and service” appealed to the family.Donald Trump was raised Presbyterian. Barron Trump was baptized in December 2006 at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida, the same church where his parents married on Jan. 22, 2005.St. Andrew’s, about 20 miles north of the White House, was founded in 1978 and has 580 students in grades six through 12. It has a median class size of 15 and a 7:1 student to teacher ratio, according to information on the school’s website. Tuition is just less than $40,000 for students in grades six through eight.The school has the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, which says its priority is to “ensure that 100 percent of St. Andrew’s pre-school through 12th grade teachers receive training and ongoing professional development (every school year) in mind, brain, and education science, the most innovative thinking being applied to enhancing teacher quality and student achievement today.” Tags May 17, 2017 at 6:02 pm Caveat to the above(my initial response) thusly and firstly: what a welcome exchange/dialogue on this notice. And secondly but importantly the choices were out there prominently: 1) Charter Schools promoted by Betsy Devos,U.S.Secretary of Education; 2)Evangelical fundamental Christian school in the VP Mike Pence and Rev.Franklin/late Billy Graham tradition; and/or 3) Father’s military academy training/education in his youth…Upon this reflection where such a “presidential” family is so blessed with so many exceptional opportunities for their precious young son, let us all be Thankful for this choice… and with the hope that he/they may continue with his education/stability through the years to graduation!Again Mary, please keep us informed as to progress on this important issue.It is gratifying that we are all able to come together sharing our concerns and perspectives.Blessings and Peace be with us All. Joanne Sanders says: Priest Associate or Director of Adult Ministries Greenville, SC Pjcabbiness says: Rector Knoxville, TN May 15, 2017 at 6:04 pm I agree with you completely. I dislike the president intensely, but minor children are off limits, and the other children and parents of the school should be as well. I wish the boy much success in school. Associate Rector for Family Ministries Anchorage, AK May 15, 2017 at 9:01 pm I always appreciate the generosity by which many of my fellow Episcopalians respond to such news. I do agree that Barron Trump should be treated with dignity, respect and kindness like any student would deserve, And perhaps most importantly that St Andrews will provide persons with characteristics of integrity, fairness, decency, respect, generosity, intellect, grace, honesty – there are countless more any of us could list – as essential role models in his life. I will leave it at that. Associate Priest for Pastoral Care New York, NY May 15, 2017 at 4:07 pm Just what I needed in my inbox, “Trump & Episcopal” together in ENS’ lead headline. Is this something we’re supposed to be proud of?The kid’s father staged his 3rd wedding at an Episcopal church in Florida; it doesn’t seem to have done him much good. Barron Trump to attend Maryland’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in the fall May 15, 2017 at 4:08 pm Glory Be and Hallelujah! Yes Melania exercised her Mother’s voice for the Best for her son Barron! She has more maturity/wisdom than many may imagine… and yes it is reassuring and interesting history re the early Episcopal connection… And of course as an almost “cradle to grave” Episcopalian I must reflect this bias although I am historically the First Daughter of Norwegian Immigrant(Lutheran initially) then my Viking Father’s leadership in Wisconsin(Grace Cathedral,then Dean John Patterson)… this may progress to a more humane, spiritual path for all of us — and of course again I am reflecting my optimistic spirit…And my favorite scriptural passage thusly, “God works in mysterious ways” and every day we are so blessed with these unexpected developments and signs …Mary, with appreciation, we are all looking forward to more notices of progress… Course Director Jerusalem, Israel Submit an Event Listing Rector Belleville, IL May 19, 2017 at 12:01 am So happy for the whole Trump family, especially Barron. St. Andrew’s was a good choice and hopefully the parents/children will be “tolerant” to such a sweet boy. I voted Trump/Pence and am an Episcopalian. I know there are many of us out there! It’s just “funny” that the new Episcopalians want everyone to be tolerant unless we don’t agree with their issues. Very disappointing. I go to my local Church, but do not listen to anything coming from the Bishops, etc. They have gone astray sadly. God bless the Trumps and Barron. Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Virtual Prayer Vigil for World Refugee Day Facebook Live Prayer Vigil June 20 @ 7 p.m. ET Assistant/Associate Priest Scottsdale, AZ Bishop Diocesan Springfield, IL Comments are closed. Submit a Job Listing Assistant/Associate Rector Morristown, NJ Jennifer Monroe says: Rector Collierville, TN May 15, 2017 at 8:31 pm Maybe the wisdom found in the words of our beautiful faith will find their way to the POTUS. Children can be wonderful evangelists. Sarah Rachel says: Dan C Hoffman says: Ya no son extranjeros: Un diálogo acerca de inmigración Una conversación de Zoom June 22 @ 7 p.m. ET Doug Desper says: Pam Payne says: June 5, 2017 at 1:57 pm Maybe because his father is not a shining example of being a Christian. Admitted adultery, multiple marriages, cheating people in unscrupulous business dealings, insults to war heroes, women and the handicapped, calling large groups of one race criminals, inciting hatred. I could go on and on. Patrick Andersen says: Associate Rector Columbus, GA Featured Jobs & Calls In-person Retreat: Thanksgiving Trinity Retreat Center (West Cornwall, CT) Nov. 24-28 This Summer’s Anti-Racism Training Online Course (Diocese of New Jersey) June 18-July 16 The Church Pension Fund Invests $20 Million in Impact Investment Fund Designed to Preserve Workforce Housing Communities Nationwide Church Pension Group Sarah Rachel says: David Huff says: Seminary of the Southwest announces appointment of two new full time faculty members Seminary of the Southwest Cathedral Dean Boise, ID Assistant/Associate Rector Washington, DC Donald Trump May 15, 2017 at 4:55 pm Josh, why is this a problem for you? Doesn’t the Episcopal Church welcome everyone? Rector Bath, NC Press Release Service Rector Hopkinsville, KY Rector Martinsville, VA TryTank Experimental Lab and York St. John University of England Launch Survey to Study the Impact of Covid-19 on the Episcopal Church TryTank Experimental Lab Rector/Priest in Charge (PT) Lisbon, ME Canon for Family Ministry Jackson, MS May 20, 2017 at 3:32 pm I am glad Barron Trump will have the opportunity to attend what is likely a very good school and hopefully one which is truly open, accepting, and affirming. However, I am not quite sure why this should be considered a news item for the Episcopal News Service. It shouldn’t be for any other journalistic news source/outlet, either, for that matter (in my opinion). I did notice the article says: “St. Andrew’s, about 20 miles north of the White House, was founded in 1978 and has 580 students in grades six through 12.” However, it also states its Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning priority is to “ensure (that) 100 percent of St. Andrew’s pre-school through 12th grade teachers receive training and ongoing professional development…” So, I’m wondering how many teachers and students in pre-school through fifth grade the school has and just what they do. Virtual Celebration of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center Zoom Conversation June 19 @ 12 p.m. ET Family Ministry Coordinator Baton Rouge, LA May 15, 2017 at 6:30 pm Yes, Bill, we do welcome everyone; however, we also think ‘everyone’ should have a commitment to responsible life management. Trump is very happy with his conduct, which gets noticed, so your defense, while meritorious, is probably a moot issue to Trump/ Curate (Associate & Priest-in-Charge) Traverse City, MI New Berrigan Book With Episcopal Roots Cascade Books Rector Tampa, FL Remember Holy Land Christians on Jerusalem Sunday, June 20 American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem May 15, 2017 at 2:45 pm Outstanding! We wish him well at this terrific school. May 15, 2017 at 3:34 pm Is this even news? Dr. Erna Lund says: May 16, 2017 at 12:44 pm Noreen: I wonder if sadness was aroused when Mr. & Mrs. Obama sent their children to the highly selective Sidwell Friends School at a cost of $34,000 each per year? The Bidens ensured that their grandchildren attended there as well. You can decide who gets the “breaks” also considering that Mr. Obama just made $400,000 for giving a speech in the financial world. It seems that Sasha and Malia are none the worse for living around these adults who had very complicated if not clouded lives. Barron’s tuition will be about $38,000 a year. What parent doesn’t want their child to be better than they are? Missioner for Disaster Resilience Sacramento, CA Curate Diocese of Nebraska Dan C Hoffman says: Director of Administration & Finance Atlanta, GA May 16, 2017 at 2:31 pm This is great news. Barron deserves a loving school community to find refuge from the media bullies trying to bring down his father and family. The Episcopal school will give him a foundation to build his life on and that is not a bad thing. I support the President and First Lady in this decision. Barron will make many new friends. To remind those who find fault in President Trump:“God is watching usGod is watching usGod is watching us from a distanceFrom a distance you look like my friendEven though we are at warFrom a distance I just cannot comprehendWhat all this fightings for” Dr. William A. Flint, MDiv, PhD says: Rector Shreveport, LA May 15, 2017 at 8:55 pm Josh: Just out of respecting the dignity of all people, please note that “the kid” (as you refer to him) is an 11 year old child who was baptized in 2006 in the Episcopal Church and his name is Barron. That his parents are hated widely by liberal-minded Christians who flatter themselves about their walk with God is a rich topic for another place. It appears that these “horrible people” made a wise choice to have Barron educated in what we can hope to be a Christian setting. Inaugural Diocesan Feast Day Celebrating Juneteenth San Francisco, CA (and livestream) June 19 @ 2 p.m. PT Steve Catanich says: Rick Spring says: Bob Scruggs says: Michele Smith says: Featured Events An Evening with Presiding Bishop Curry and Iconographer Kelly Latimore Episcopal Migration Ministries via Zoom June 23 @ 6 p.m. ET Rector Pittsburgh, PA May 20, 2017 at 4:07 pm How did you come to feel: “It’s just “funny” that the new Episcopalians want everyone to be tolerant unless we don’t agree with their issues.” yet were still able to cast a vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence who appear to be very intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them or does not believe as they believe? They both, but most especially Vice President Pence, have made statements indicating they probably do not understand (or do not care about) the non-establishment of religion clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution to the United States of America. I believe they, again, primarily Vice President Pence, appear to support, have proposed, enacted (or tried to enact/sign) laws most likely unconstitutional under the non-establishment of religion clause of that First Amendment. You seem to be saying everyone (including Episcopalians and most especially “new” Episcopalians) must be tolerant but the President and Vice President of the United States of America don’t have to be tolerant of all country’s citizens. I believe tolerance is not the minimum standard, acceptance is the minimum standard. This means, to me, I must accept your choice (not just your legal right) to show your support for national leaders who are unable to reciprocate by showing acceptance of others or our rule of law. I also must accept your choice (not just your right) to ignore “anything coming from the Bishops, etc. They have gone astray sadly.” I am trying to make more and more steps toward being more Christ like. Rector Albany, NY Dr. Erna Lund says: Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Hires Reverend Kevin W. VanHook, II as Executive Director Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Bill Louis says: May 15, 2017 at 3:18 pm I also hope Barron is able to attend school without the things Patrick mentioned above. I am in *no way* a supporter of Pres. Trump, but the minor children of politicians should be off limits for such things… Bill Louis says: Join the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in Celebrating the Pauli Murray Feast Online Worship Service June 27 Director of Music Morristown, NJ Rector Washington, DC Rector and Chaplain Eugene, OR Doug Desper says: Rick Spring says: Submit a Press Release The Church Investment Group Commends the Taskforce on the Theology of Money on its report, The Theology of Money and Investing as Doing Theology Church Investment Group May 15, 2017 at 3:51 pm Absolutely. He should be allowed the privacy to grow up as normally as possible. The press has mostly done this for the Obama Daughters, Chelsea Clinton, and Amy Carter and I hope that the same courtesy will be extended to Barron Trump. May 20, 2017 at 4:56 pm Rick Spring – we are a gay family and we also believe in separation of Church and State. The media has been against our new POTUS and still is. Obama and Hillary have done far worse things than DJT have done, but the media looked the other way. I’m concerned if the country does not let our POTUS govern, we will become a Socialist State . Obama is pulling the strings to create anarchy which is in the Communist playbook of “step one”. I also feel the VP is a strong leader and seasoned politician, so he is a great asset. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to PrintFriendlyPrintFriendlyShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis Youth Minister Lorton, VAlast_img read more

Naramata Residence / Frits de Vries Architect

first_img “COPY” CopyHouses•Saint-Sauveur, Canada ArchDaily Canada Houses Save this picture!© Frits de Vries+ 14 Share “COPY” CopyAbout this officeFrits de Vries ArchitectOfficeFollowProductsStoneConcrete#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesHousesSaint-SauveurCanadaPublished on May 20, 2011Cite: “Naramata Residence / Frits de Vries Architect” 20 May 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 12 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Read commentsBrowse the CatalogPanels / Prefabricated AssembliesTechnowoodPanel Façade SystemCompositesMitrexPhotovoltaic Solar Cladding – BIPV CladdingMetal PanelsAurubisMill Finished Copper: Nordic StandardDoorsRaynorThermal Sectional Doors – FlexFamily™SinksBradley Corporation USASinks with WashBar Technology – Verge LVQ SeriesExterior DeckingLunawoodThermowood DeckingStonesCosentinoNon-slip Treatment – Dekton® Grip +Metal PanelsSherwin-Williams Coil CoatingsValflon® Coating in Edmonton Public LibraryWallcovering / CladdingLinvisibileLinvisibile Boiserie and Skirting Systems | OrizzonteMineral / Organic PaintsKEIMMineral Paint in Beethoven HausWall / Ceiling LightsEureka LightingCeiling Recessed Lights – OutlineFurnitureFrapontWood Furniture and EquipmentMore products »Read commentsSave世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my stream Projects Naramata Residence / Frits de Vries Architect Naramata Residence / Frits de Vries ArchitectSave this projectSaveNaramata Residence / Frits de Vries Architect Photographs:  Frits de VriesText description provided by the architects. The site for this residence can be said to be in a transition zone, poised directly between the expansive horizon offered by Lake Okanagan, and the rugged mountainscape of the Kelly Valley. True to the Okanagan landscape, the surrounding land is arid and filled with earthy undertones and worn rolling rockscapes. The Lake is almost like a vision of paradise amid this desert-like surroundings. Brilliant greens line the shore of the lake in direct contrast to the arid mountains beyond. Save this picture!© Frits de VriesRecommended ProductsFiber Cements / CementsApavisaTiles – Nanofusion 7.0DishwashersCosentinoBathroom Integrity Collection – Washbasins and SinksPanels / Prefabricated AssembliesULMA Architectural SolutionsFretwork Facade PanelFrom an architectural point of view, the house acts as a transition point between the Lake and the mountains. The large covered decks, extensive sliding windows, open flexible plan and wood sliders (both interior and exterior), allows the owner to frame, touch and breathe in the natural surroundings. The color scheme of the exterior is inspired from the surrounding landscape, and the stonework is local from Kelly Valley Quarry. The large open plan on the main floor allows for generous entertaining and family play areas. Quieter and more intimate areas face the mountainside where a small grassy enclosed garden stills the breeze and view. Essentially, the house is the place for the inhabitants to bring the natural elements into a more human scale. Save this picture!© Frits de VriesEconomically, the simplicity of the house’s design helps maintain a low overall construction cost. This has allowed the owner to allocate more money on quality detailing and finishing materials such the large expansive windows, extensive use of rich natural woods, natural stone and custom millwork. In addition, the owner manufactured all the steel components of house himself to help save on costs i.e. steel stairs and louver systems. Solarban 60 windows and a louver system for all windows reduces energy use. Generous overhangs, especially along the western exposure reduces rain exposure, controls solar gain, minimizes potential leakage and reduces maintenance. The open plan allows for extensive natural cross ventilation throughout the house and requires very little cooling in the summer. An in-floor heating system has been set-up in the house for future use of the Lake.Save this picture!© Frits de VriesProject gallerySee allShow lessSanta Rita Restaurant / Pedro PachecoArticlesAD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part XLVIArticles Share ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Architects: Frits de Vries Architect Photographs ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboardlast_img read more

House in Madrid / DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociados

first_img 2017 Projects CopyHouses•Madrid, Spain Area:  7906 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project CopyAbout this officeDL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociadosOfficeFollowProductsWoodStoneConcrete#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesMadridSpainPublished on May 31, 2018Cite: “House in Madrid / DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociados” [Vivienda en Madrid / DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociados] 31 May 2018. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Browse the CatalogAluminium CompositesTechnowoodWood Siding in KSR Villa BodrumRailing / BalustradesMitrexIntegrated Photovoltaic Railing – BIPV RailingMetal PanelsAurubisCopper Surface: Nordic DécorWindowsAir-LuxSliding Window – CorneringWoodBruagRoom Acoustics – Interior Cladding PanelsSinksBradley Corporation USASinks – Frequency® FL-SeriesMetal PanelsTrimoInternal Walls – Trimoterm, Qbiss OneGlassSolarluxWintergarden – SDL Akzent plusSystems / Prefabricated PanelsInvestwoodCement Bonded Particle Board – VirocPaintKEIMMineral Paint in Hunters Point LibraryCabinetsburgbadMid-Height Cabinet – EssentoSignage / Display SystemsGlasbau HahnMuseum Display CasesMore products »Save世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my stream House in Madrid / DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociadosSave this projectSaveHouse in Madrid / DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociados “COPY” Photographs Year:  Save this picture!© Miguel de Guzmán+ 11Curated by Danae Santibañez Share Housescenter_img Architects: DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociados Area Area of this architecture project House in Madrid / DL+A De Lapuerta Campo arquitectos asociados ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard ArchDaily “COPY” ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Manufacturers: Bossini, Living ceramics, iGuzzini, Gradhermetic, ShitecmaCollaborators:Lucía Ortiz de Galisteo, Pablo Quintanal, Daniel Mira, Alejandro de Miguel, Jorge de la Calle, Laura Flor, Filip WojtasikTechnical Architect:Óscar GonzálezInstallations And Structures:Valladares IngenieríaLandscaping:Puy AlonsoArchitects In Charge:Jose María de Lapuerta y Paloma CampoCity:MadridCountry:SpainMore SpecsLess SpecsSave this picture!© Miguel de GuzmánRecommended ProductsDoorsC.R. LaurenceCRL-U.S. Aluminum Entice Series Entrance SystemMetallicsTECU®Copper Surface – Classic CoatedWoodGustafsWood Veneered Wall & Ceiling PanelsWoodEGGERLaminatesText description provided by the architects. The boundary situation created by the project plot in a corner position, together with the plot orientation, makes the house to be located in its northern área, on the back of its two access streets adopting a kind of fortress structure shaped like ‘L’ pointing to that public space, but totally opened to its private garden, delimited by two glazed and really opened façades but protected with a porch and pergola from the direct solar gain where a climbing plant and deciduous tree grow.Save this picture!General PlanThe entire housing spaces are oriented to this sunny garden where domestic life takes place. The house has a greater height in the northwest volume, to be accommodated in this area the living room, dining room and kitchen, spaces that need a greater ceiling height and causes that first floor where bedrooms for children are located, is elevated respect the northeast wing.Save this picture!© Miguel de GuzmánIn this northwest area with smaller corridor main bedroom is located on the first floor, with evidence inside of the variable height of the roof that becomes the lowest area on a terrace with fantastic views over Madrid. The designed architecture tries to integrate itself with the environment and highlight the closed fortress to the exterior and opened to the garden. Exterior facades are designed in white concrete with clapboard and exterior wood carpentry. The relation between the interior spaces and the garden is defined by large panes of glass, fitted with solar control devices, while blind panes are constructed with perfect smooth white concrete almost like a stucco.Save this picture!© Miguel de GuzmánSave this picture!Elevation and SectionSave this picture!© Miguel de GuzmánPulling apart the house in the contiguous plot, which is currently from the same owner, but parcelled for being sold in the future, a shallow pool and a sheet of water are located and can be noticed from inside through a window, which also provides a lateral shot of light in the side of the living room where the pergola becomes porch- concrete slab completely covered. The project bet decidedly for energy saving (glazed surfaces with latest technology orientated south and protected with fallen leaf, light colors, máximum isolations and few holes to north and noise).Project gallerySee allShow lessJuhani Pallasmaa: “Architecture Is a Mediation Between the World and Our Minds”Architecture NewsHorizontal Vertigo: Argentinian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2018Articles Share Photographs:  Miguel de Guzmán Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project Spainlast_img read more

Royal Bank of Scotland offers £100,000 fund for financial inclusion

first_imgRoyal Bank of Scotland offers £100,000 fund for financial inclusion The Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Transact, the national forum for financial inclusion, are offering £100,000 for organisations showing innovation in tackling financial inclusion in the housing sector.The RBS Innovate fund is open to organisations operating as housing (or related) service providers or those working with a housing partner.The closing date for applications is 3 September 2007. Advertisement  12 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis Howard Lake | 28 May 2007 | Newscenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Researching massive growth in giving.last_img read more

Amanda McLean is new Chief Executive at Institute of Fundraising

first_img Howard Lake | 27 September 2010 | News About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Researching massive growth in giving. Tagged with: Institute of Fundraising Management Recruitment / people Amanda McLean is new Chief Executive at Institute of Fundraising Amanda McLean is to be the new Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising, taking over from Lindsay Boswell, who is leaving after ten years in the role.McLean has previously been Chief Executive of Prostate UK and Director of Fundraising and Communications at DebRA UK.Paul Amadi, Chair of the Institute of Fundraising, said: ”We believe that Amanda is the right person to provide leadership and direction to the Institute and its membership.”She will take up her position at the Institute at the beginning of November. In the meantime, Bruce Leeke, Chief Operating Officer, will lead the organisation’s senior management team in overseeing the Institute’s day to day  71 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

What We Stand for. What We Fight For.

first_imgWe want an end to the war on Black lives and ALL people of African descent worldwide. Reparations NOW!We want an end to the capitalist system and its robbery and exploitation of the poor and working class worldwide. Revolutionary socialism that puts people before profits and abolishes all forms of exploitation and oppression NOW!We want an end to ALL forms of racism and national oppression. Support unconditional self-determination for all oppressed nationalities, including Black, Latino/a, Indigenous, Asian and Arab peoples!We want an end to the raids and deportations of immigrants. Full rights for undocumented workers. End Islamophobia now! Open the borders. Don’t build walls.We want basic human rights: quality food, water, housing, clothing, health care, education and childcare that is free or affordable. End all forms of austerity worldwide! Cancel debt!We want FULL liberation and equality for women, including reproductive justice, and FULL liberation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. Stop killing trans women of color!We want an end to the capitalist and corporate destruction of the Earth and its natural resources. Free the land!We want an end to U.S. imperialism. Pentagon out – from Palestine to Latin America to Haiti! Build international working-class solidarity, end ­occupations!We want full employment and decent jobs and/or income for all, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, criminal background or disability; free from racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, patriarchy, ­ageism and ableism. Support the $15 and a union movement!We want an end to the prison-industrial complex and mass incarceration. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Assata Shakur, Rasmea Odeh, Rev. Edward Pinkney, Leonard Peltier, Ana Belen Montes, the MOVE 9, Aafia Siddiqui, Oscar López Rivera and ALL political prisoners!To contact the campaign,to book the candidates to speak at your campus, union hall, community group or house meeting, or for more information, contact Moorehead/Lilly Campaign Manager ­Teresa Gutiérrez at 917.740.2628. Visit or or email [email protected] thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Political strike shuts down Bolivia

first_imgIbarra, EcuadorDo Bolivian lives matter? The Bolivian masses are experiencing a perfect storm of social, health and economic crises. A U.S.-backed military coup overthrew President Evo Morales Ayma in November 2019 — Morales called it a lithium coup. To Wall Street, only the great reserves of Bolivian lithium matter. Strike Aug. 3 in Bolivia. Sign reads, ‘Long live democracy. Elections on Sept. 6.’Once again, a scenario of multiple crises that began with the November coup defines Bolivia’s future. De facto President Jeanine Áñez’s main achievement was to unleash a shameless wave of racist repression against Morales’ Movement for Socialism (MAS) and the Aymara and Quechua Indigenous peoples.Áñez kept none of the promises she made to pacify the people after the November coup, nor did she offer any assistance to the poor during the twin crises of COVID-19 and the ensuing economic collapse. First there were a series of election postponements. The Supreme Election Tribunal’s (TSE) ultimate unilateral reset of the presidential election to Oct. 18 was the final straw for the masses. Their Aug. 3 general strike with at least 75 roadblocks shut all the country’s major highways.“The general strike and roadblocks were decided upon at a town hall meeting held in the city of El Alto, La Paz, on July 28 where social organizations from the nine departments of the country gathered for a massive protest march. The social movements reject the postponement of the election until Oct. 18 as announced by TSE President Salvador Romero.” (, Aug. 3)MAS candidate for president, Lucho Arce, said in a radio interview, “Neither the MAS, nor Evo Morales nor I are behind the mobilizations against the illegalities of the TSE. Bolivia is mobilizing itself.” He said that shrinking family resources due to massive unemployment and wage cuts forced the action by the Central Labor Council of Bolivian Workers (COB) and the Unity Pact, which includes social organizations, among them Indigenous bodies, that lead resistance to the coup government.“It is not MAS that is mobilized, but the people who have grown tired of the arbitrariness and looting of a government whose only task was to call for elections,” said Arce.  (, July 25)Repression and violence continueThe unwillingness or inability of the government to communicate without threats, arrests and violence continued unabated on Monday, Aug. 10, after the COB and Unity Pact negotiated unsuccessfully with the TSE and the Plurinational Legislative Assembly on Saturday night until dawn on Sunday morning, Aug. 9. Bolivia has arrived at a moment of truth. Many believe the hated Áñez will stop at nothing to hold onto power. TeleSUR English reported that two U.S. war planes were delivered to the government. Government ministers are making ominous threats. Motorcycle gangs of fascists, supported by the police and the army, are raiding some roadblocks around Cochabamba much as they terrorized urban Indigenous people last November. This all fits with the government that engineered a savage regime change and massacred Indigenous people who protested the coup. Will Morales’ overthrown MAS party return to power through elections, or will some other outcome erupt through a bloody struggle in the streets? Only time will tell.Evo Morales tweeted: “De facto government and right-wing press discredit legitimate mobilizations of the Indigenous movement and social organizations. The peoples that fight for peace and social justice are called terrorists, savages and they tell us that we are violent; it is the North American doctrine.” @evoespuebloDialogue is doomedOn Friday, Aug. 7, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights called on the de facto interim president to promote dialogue with all the protagonists in the struggle. Áñez promptly invited key players to a televised dialogue that took place at 9 a.m. on Aug. 9. The U.N., the Catholic Church, The European Union, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Government, Añez, representatives of two political parties (ADN and PAN-Bol) and a representative of the heavy transport industry attended. One participant humiliated Áñez by sarcastically pointing to key empty seats. Not attending were representatives from the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, the Central Labor Council of Bolivian Workers, the Unity Pact, MAS and four other invited parties.Áñez’s “dialogue” was doomed because, as mentioned above, an emergency meeting between Salvador Romero of the TSE, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, the COB and the Unity Pact that lasted until sunrise on Sunday morning ended in failure. In recent days, the COB exhorted demonstrators to allow passage of oxygen and medical supplies so as not to interfere with the national hospitals in their fight against COVID-19. The government and the media have lied, saying that strikers are blocking vital supplies and emergency vehicles. In the meantime Bolivia’s coronavirus cases are soaring, with thousands of uncounted deaths due to the lack of testing. Nine out of 10 families have lost income due to the collapse of the economy under Áñez’s incompetent management.On the ground, militants who remember the massacres and the broken promises, whose families are hungry due to the crises, want more than an election. According to Resumen, “[T]he cooperatives of miners are saying: ‘We will not back down one millimetre in our struggle for Áñez to resign.’”One of their leaders said that they are going to continue with the struggle and that “the dictator Áñez must resign.” He warned the military and police: “[E]ither join us or suffer the consequences. There are millions of us throughout the country.”  (Resumen Latinoamericano, Aug. 9)FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Men’s tennis’ Rybakov earns Big 12 Player of the Week honors

first_imgTwitter TCU baseball finds their biggest fan just by saying hello Ben Auten Ben Auten is a junior sports broadcasting major from Charleston, South Carolina. He is an avid sports fan; he especially loves college basketball, baseball, and soccer. Linkedin printTCU is coming off a week that included three upset victories over nationally ranked opponents led by Alex Rybakov’s individual performances.The junior began the week with a win over No. 9 Columbia’s top player, Jackie Tang, by a score of 6-2, 6-3. Rybakov followed that with a crucial 2-6, 6-2, 6-2 win over No. 7 Alfredo Perez to help the Frogs knock off No. 12 Florida Wednesday.Rybakov was on pace to defeat No. 25 Nicolas Alvarez of Duke, but the match was called as TCU had already secured a victory over the No. 17 Blue Devils.In doubles play, Rybakov was also a perfect three-for-three as he and Guillermo Nuñez helped TCU pick up the doubles point in all three of their matches this week.This marks the second time Rybakov has won Big 12 Player of the Week in his career and was the first Horned Frog to earn the honor this season.Rybakov and the Frogs are currently on a four-match winning streak and take on No. 6 Texas A&M Tuesday night in their fourth consecutive match against a Top 20 opponent. + posts New medical school will not reserve seats for TCU students Another series win lands TCU Baseball in the top 5, earns Sikes conference award What we’re reading: Congress making moves Neeley School professor hosting ‘Entrepreneurship Boot Camp’ Linkedin ReddIt Ben Auten Facebook ReddIt Courtesy of gofrogs Previous articleOpinion: Beto won’t beat Ted in senate raceNext articleTCU featured in Texas Rangers, FOX Sports Southwest’s University Days program for fifth consecutive season Ben Auten RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Ben Auten Ben Auten Ben Auten Twitter Center for International Studies creates new study abroad option Facebook TCU rowing program strengthens after facing COVID-19 setbacks last_img read more

The journalist Bui Minh Quoc under house arrest again in Dalat

first_img Help by sharing this information In a letter addressed to Vietnamese minister of Public Security, general lieutenant Le Minh Huong, Reporters without Borders (RSF – Reporters Sans Frontières) protested against the roundup and placement under house arrest of the journalist and dissident Bui Minh Quoc. RSF considers this measure as equivalent to an imprisonment since it deprives the dissident of his freedom and his right to express himself. “Once again, the Vietnamese government is violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights it had ratified in September 1982, and whose article 19 guarantees freedom of expression”, affirmed Robert Ménard, General secretary for the organisation. Therefore, RSF demands the end of the placement under house arrest for Bui Minh Quoc and his colleague Ha Sy Phu, under house arrest since March 2001, and the immediate release of the journalist Nguyen Dinh Huy, imprisoned since 1993. According to the information gathered by RSF, journalist and dissident Bui Minh Quoc, was placed under arrest in his home of Dalat (south of the country), on 12 January 2002. That measure follows his roundup in the train station of Thanh Tri (suburb of Hanoi), on 8 January 2002. He had then been questioned for three days by the police who had seized more than three hundred documents regarded as “reactionary” by the authorities. The day before, Bui Minh Quoc had met a group of dissidents from Hanoi.But according to a Vietnamese journalist who took refuge in France, the roundup and placement under house arrest of Bui Minh Quoc are connected to the investigation he had led for more than a month, in the Northern country, on the situation around these borders with China. Indeed, dissidents regularly denounce concessions, mostly in terms of territory, granted to Beijing authorities by the government of Hanoi. Bui Minh Quoc had gone to these provinces on a motorcycle, to collect testimonies on the situation. Among other things, the police seized several notebooks and picture films. RSF_en April 22, 2021 Find out more Organisation April 27, 2021 Find out more News VietnamAsia – Pacific News to go further Newscenter_img Receive email alerts April 7, 2021 Find out more Vietnam sentences journalist Tran Thi Tuyet Dieu to eight years in prison VietnamAsia – Pacific January 22, 2002 – Updated on January 20, 2016 The journalist Bui Minh Quoc under house arrest again in Dalat News Bui Minh Quoc, member of the group of dissidents from Dalat, had already been placed under house arrest from April 1997 until the end of 1999 for having militated in favour of press freedom. That sanction forbids him to leave his neighbourhood and meet anybody without official authorisation. His telephone is cut off, his home guarded by policemen and his family under watch. Follow the news on Vietnam RSF laureates support jailed Vietnamese journalist Pham Doan Trang Three more independent reporters arrested in Vietnamlast_img read more

Where is Prageeth?

first_img Follow the news on Sri Lanka Sri Lanka: RSF signs joint statement on attacks against human rights defenders, lawyers and journalists Media Legal Defence Initiative Receive email alerts Help by sharing this information Two hundred days have passed since Sri Lankan journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda disappeared. Prageeth, who regularly contributed to LankaeNews web site, went missing 24th January 2010. Prageeth is a political analyst and a cartoonist known for his outspoken views critical of the government of Sri Lanka.Since Prageeth’s disappearance his wife, along with media rights and human rights groups, has continuously urged the government of Sri Lanka to reveal his whereabouts. The Cartoonists Rights Network International acknowledged her relentless campaign by bestowing a Special Recognition award for her spirited challenge to the Sri Lankan government to account for her disappeared husband.While the police and other authorities have failed in providing any information that leads to finding Prageeth, they haven’t taken any steps to counter or investigate freely circulated disinformation that he is in hiding. Whatever took place on the night of 24th January 2010, it is the duty of Sri Lanka’s government, led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to find where Prageeth is and inform his wife Sandya and the world. The inability to do so inevitably affirms Sandya’s repeated assertion that she holds the government of Sri Lanka responsible for the disappearance of her husband.Therefore, on the 12th of August 2010, the International Day of Solidarity for Prageeth, standing beside Sandya, we, the undersigned organizations and individuals, call upon the government of Sri Lanka to fulfil our reasonable demand.Find journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda and give him back to us!Cartoonists Rights Network International Committee to Protect Journalists International Media SupportJournalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka August 10, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Where is Prageeth? July 29, 2020 Find out more Sri Lanka: tamil reporter held on absurd terrorism charge RSF_en News Organisation center_img Sri LankaAsia – Pacific News Sri LankaAsia – Pacific Reporters Without Borders The International Federation of Journalists News to go further News January 13, 2021 Find out more Sri Lanka: Journalist manhandled by notorious police inspector currently on trial July 15, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more