Hacker Snubs Sony Over Geohot Lawsuit

first_imgEven big corporations like Sony can find it hard to escape their reputation. The company reached out to Koushik Dutta, an Android hacker known for being the main developer behind the custom-firmware app ROM Manager and the firmware hack Clockwork Mod, and invited him to interview for a job as a software engineer. But, thanks to Sony’s ongoing legal battle with fellow hacker George Hotz (Geohot), Dutta snubbed the company, saying that he “could not in good conscience work for Sony.” Ouch. Looks like Dutta isn’t too enthusiastic about helping out with the Xperia Play.Thankfully for him, Dutta doesn’t seem to be exactly hurting for a job. AppBrain, an app store for Android, shows the $5 premium version of his ROM Manager app selling between 50,000 and 250,000 copies. Sony sued Geohot and other hackers earlier this year for releasing the system’s root key, allowing people to run programs on the device not authorized by the company. The fight between the corporation and the hacker is anything but a typical boring lawsuit, captivating the Twitter-verse and leading to Hotz’s rap debut. Today’s news only goes to prove that this will be a very involved, very public battle for Sony to fight. [via Geekosystem]last_img read more