Top job: Sue Aslett, HR officer, British Mediterranean Airways

first_imgTop job: Sue Aslett, HR officer, British Mediterranean AirwaysOn 2 Dec 2003 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article SueAslett has joined British Mediterranean Airways as HR officer. She moves fromDe Keyser Fashion, where she provided HR support to the retail division.Whatwill be the duties in your new role?Creatinga new HR department for the airline, which serves 13 destinations throughoutthe Middle East, central Asia and Africa.Whatqualifications do you hold?MCIPD,postgraduate certificate in management.Whatdo you hope to achieve in your new role? Thesuccessful integration of best practice systems to provide the tools forsignificant growth of the organisation over the next five years.Whichaspects are you most looking forward to?Joiningan airline gives me the ability to gain knowledge of a new and interestingindustry. It operates a diverse network and I very much look forward tobroadening my horizons and visiting places in central Asia, such as Baku andBishkek.Whatis the strangest situation you have been in at work?Judgingby the airline’s destinations, the strangest situations are yet to come.Howdo you think the role of HR will change over the next five years?HRwill be increasingly involved in measuring the organisation’s people againstthe bottom line.Whois the ultimate guru?KarrenBrady, managing director of Birmingham City Football Club.Whatis your essential viewing?PeterKay’s Phoenix Nights.What’sthe best thing about HR?Thevariety – no two days are ever the same.Andthe worst?Managingdownsizing.Howdo you fill your spare time?WhenI am not catching up, I like to travel, which is why I am so excited aboutjoining an airline with flights to such fascinating parts of the world.Whatis the greatest risk you have ever taken?Beingoffered two jobs on the same day and choosing the unconventional one over themore secure option.Whatadvice would you give to people starting out in HR?Don’texpect to be the ‘good fairy’ all of the time.Ifyou could do any job in the world, what would it be?Managinga struggling band or football team – the challenge of achieving success throughnurturing talent.Whowould play you in the film of your life and why?KylieMinogue, as we look so much alike.Aslett’sCV2003HR/retail manager, De Keyser Fashions2000HR manager, The Designer Room1998HR officer, Baird Clothing1997HR officer, The Windsmoor Group Comments are closed. last_img read more