It’s All in the Details

first_imgInitial success or total failure.That was the motto Matthew J. Allen’s team lived by day in and day out. His team was responsible for decommissioning Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) during active wartime in Afghanistan. Allen and his Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team were on call 24×7 to defuse IED’s as they were discovered to clear the way for troops.In October 2013, his team was called in for what has been dubbed the “Block Buster Truck Bomb,” one of the largest Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBID) ever discovered.In comparison to the truck bomb that leveled buildings and killed 168 people in Oklahoma City back in 1995, this bomb was estimated to be more than 12 times larger at 61,500 pounds. If that wasn’t distressing enough, the massive bomb was composed of a chemical compound that proved deadly to Allen and his team.In the 12 hours it took to decommission the massive VBID, Allen and his team continually inhaled the chemical compound which has been known to cause respiratory trauma. For Allen and a few of his teammates, the prolonged exposure led to cancer. Lucky for Allen, during a routine medical visit, his esophageal cancer was detected.“They caught it extremely early so it was really good, they took care of it, took it out and I just get monitored now,” says Allen. Due to his early diagnosis, the rest of his team were tested and treated as well.Allen initially joined the Army as a young college kid looking for direction in his life. What he came away with was a lifetime of memories and experiences that he now uses in his daily life and his job at Dell.“Attention to detail is key here, as one small misstep causes orders to break, be miss-shipped or wrong items/pricing to be placed.Share“Attention to detail was a big thing for us.”  Allen said, “In schooling and in the field, you make a mistake, you fail. With my job here at Dell, I am very detail-oriented, making sure I get everything right the first time.”That attention to detail has garnered the appreciation of his management team and his customers at Dell.“Allen has been a home run hire for us,” raves Allen’s manager, Greg Smith.  “Allen manages the tactical execution of our Federal consumer program business.  Allen had some legacy customer issues that he needed to solve before he was really able to be proactive. He had no problem jumping in, researching the root cause of the issues, putting a plan in place to solve, and then putting that plan into action. Attention to detail is key here, as one small misstep causes orders to break, be miss-shipped or wrong items/pricing to be placed. I have several customer ‘raving fan’ emails for Allen, which only further cements his place as a rockstar on our team.”With Allen’s days of defusing intricate and enormous bombs behind him, he now repurposes his talents to calmly defuse potentially detrimental customer issues for Dell, ensuring the success of his customers’ organizations and proving himself invaluable to his Dell team.We’re actively recruiting the next generation of movers, shakers and innovators and we think military experience fits the bill. Learn more about how you can discover what it feels like to focus on a healthy lifestyle after your military service, meeting personal and family needs all while empowering career growth at Dell.last_img read more

The Mobile Desktop – Taking Corporate Infrastructure on the Road

first_imgAlthough the personal computer has been declared dead many times, it continues to be the primary way in which work gets done in the modern age. As such, the merging of Dell and EMC is great news for service providers, who can now extend their infrastructure service offerings directly to the desktop.The way we work has changed drastically in recent years. You could say that work is no longer a location, but an activity. With this in mind, Dell and Intel commissioned the Future Workforce Study to better understand the changing mind frame of its users. Its findings support the idea that 60% of people do at least some work after hours, while two thirds of employees work from home on a regular basis. Once upon a time, technology was considered standard and users took whatever device IT gave them without questioning the quality. This has changed, however, and organizations can no longer afford to have their employees consider the work environment as a place where they must use old technology. The increased capability of users’ personal equipment is driving higher expectations in the workplace. Technology has become a differentiator as well as a job perk. As the Future Workforce study demonstrates, 42% of millennials would quit a job over poor equipment and 82% say cutting-edge hardware and applications influence what job they take. Therefore, talent acquisition and retention are key reasons for organizations to invest in a workplace transformation.Consumer-Grade ITThe effect of a great working environment goes further than simply attracting and retaining talent. At its recent symposium, Gartner again emphasized ‘digital dexterity’ as one of the conditions of digital transformation. While this phenomenon extends far beyond an organization’s adopting the latest in-house technology, offering the best possible resources to employees certainly helps in getting the best out of office workers. According to Gartner, IT must deliver a consumer-like computer experience to help people become more agile and better equipped to cope with the changes their organization is going through. Employees using excellent hardware and user-friendly applications will be more inclined to turn to technology and its possibilities to add value to the business. If people are digitally empowered, they will help speed the digital transformation.Another engaging reason to provide users with state-of-the-art computer gear is the security aspect: studies reveal that 95% of security breaches originate at an endpoint, where a lot of corporate data is stored. Securing desktops and laptops is an important step in developing a strong security posture.Digital Dexterity as a ServiceThis is great news for service providers who work with Dell EMC. Now that Dell and EMC have combined, our alliance partners can offer a complete bundle of products. It is comforting for corporate buyers to know that a single source can provide a broad range of hardware, software and services. Having one contract to cover the complete infrastructure, from the workstation to the datacenter and then to the cloud, ensures that there will be no finger-pointing between vendors.Dell has been a leader in the PC market for years, boasting an award-winning portfolio designed for productivity and unparalleled security while helping to enable people with the latest devices and the best endpoint security. This has led to 17 consecutive quarters of Commercial PC market share gains, according to IDC.  What’s more, the end-to-end solutions for the entire PC lifecycle can streamline and reduce IT’s workload, while lowering costs by 25%. Dell has recently expanded PC as a Service (PCaaS), allowing flexible consumption models to give customers yet another option for how they procure their IT.The renewed importance upon up-to-date in-house equipment offers a great opportunity for service providers to refresh their offerings for Workplace as a Service, Client Managed Services and other managed solutions. Adding these new resources to their existing portfolio will give them a fresh way to approach prospective clients and claim a bigger share of wallet with their existing customers.last_img read more

Simplifying the Modern Applications Journey with Dell Technologies Cloud Platform

first_imgYou’ve heard the sayings before “every company is a software company,” or “software is eating the world.” Common industry buzz terms, but it’s just speaking to the next evolution in application architectures, as organizations embrace cloud-native and containerized workloads.As we increasingly continue to both consume and develop applications and code, the question is how to build and deliver a superior digital experience, underpinned by those applications and your data? And how do we best support that journey?Last year, we launched Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) to solve these challenges. It’s a turnkey experience for hybrid cloud that combines VMware Cloud Foundation and Dell EMC VxRail in a single solution with full stack integration. Tight VMware integration delivers automated lifecycle management, making upgrades easy and fast—only three clicks, 90 minutes for pre-check and fully integrated HW and SW stack upgrades.¹ The vision of DTCP was a simple and powerful solution to help modernize IT and rapidly scale VMware environments in support of a hybrid cloud operating model.To further deliver on that vision and as part of the broader Dell Technologies Cloud announcements today, I am excited to share with you several updates to DTCP. Today’s updates are aimed at enabling support for modern applications and a wider range of workloads, as well our smallest starting configuration allowing you to get going with a hybrid cloud deployment at an even lower cost.Evolving the IT admin role with support for Kubernetes at cloud scaleMost CIOs agree improving their application portfolio is a top priority, and that containers and cloud-native will have the biggest impact. However, the challenge is how to modernize the portfolio to include both cloud-native together with traditional applications?With DTCP now supporting VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 and Tanzu, you now have a single platform for this journey. This latest release includes VMware Tanzu™ Kubernetes Grid—delivering Kubernetes integration with vSphere 7 and unifying containers with virtual machines as a first-class citizen. This update means DCTP now supports both modern, cloud native applications as well as traditional, virtual machine-based instances.In other words, DTCP is now an even better platform to build new digital experiences on.With the ability to use Kubernetes in the familiar environment of the vSphere Client, IT admins can now simultaneously keep all the mission-critical applications up and running, while driving innovation around modern applications. By addressing the cloud-native skills gap, this dramatically reduces the complexity of using Kubernetes and Kubernetes-based tooling for developers.Together with our 30 day synchronous release schedule in coordination with VMware, you can rest easy knowing your infrastructure is in a continuously validated state and secure. Getting started with hybrid cloud is now easier than everWe are also introducing a smaller consolidated architecture enabling DTCP to be deployed with a 4-node configuration (down from an 8-node starting point). This lowers the entry cost for hybrid cloud solutions even further. For this architecture, the management and user workload domains run together on a shared management domain. This is perfect for smaller environments for customers that want to get started with VMware SDDC, delivering a simple way to start small and grow their cloud deployment over time.New node types covering a wider range of workloadsEarlier this year we introduced subscription pricing for select configurations of DTCP. With the addition of a simple monthly pricing model that includes hardware, software and services—you now have more choice and flexibility in the way you consume cloud infrastructure. Today we are adding three new node configurations (for a total of six options) to cover an even wider range of workloads. The new node configurations include a low-cost general-purpose node, a storage-optimized node and an extra-large memory/storage node featuring 1.5 TB RAM and 61 TB All-Flash storage capacity for memory intensive applications.Accelerate IT transformation Taking advantage of the latest innovations, customers can now deliver a modern application experience in every cloud. Just like change was driven around consolidation and automation with the introduction of virtualization, we can now drive a new round of innovation for modern applications built on a single hybrid cloud platform for both virtualized monolithic and containerized microservices applications.For more information on modern applications and the benefits customers have realized from transitioning to a modern approach, download our eBook.¹ Disclaimer: Based on internal analysis using standard configuration, March 2020; times may vary based on configuration.last_img read more

Kenosha shooter’s defense portrays him as ‘American patriot’

first_img(AP) – Lawyers for Kyle Rittenhouse have launched a social media campaign depicting the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter as not just a scared teenager acting in self-defense, but an American hero akin to the Minutemen who fought at the nation’s founding.,The dramatic rhetoric has helped raise nearly $2 million to pay for the 17-year-old’s defense against homicide charges in the killing of two protesters.,But some legal experts say there are risks in turning a fairly straightforward self-defense case into a sweeping political argument that could play into a stereotype that he is a gun-crazed militia member out to start a revolution.last_img