first_imgIS IT TRUE that the annual Gallup survey for the well being of American cities was just released for 2016 and greater Evansville has once again climbed in the rankings?…it has been a long time coming for the Evansville region to climb from being labelled as the absolute worst place in the United States a scant 6 years ago to #145 out of 189 in the most recent report?…in an unexpected rise above Indianapolis now ranks below Evansville holding down the 164th spot?…we are not sure whether Evansville improved or Indianapolis got worse but it does feel good to kick the circle city in the kiester?IS IT TRUE that Evansville also is ahead of Buffalo, Chattanooga, and Dayton?…Fort Wayne at #129 and South Bend at #131 are the only other Hoosier cities listed and both are above Evansville, but who knows that may not last for long?…Lexington and Louisville continue to rank higher than Evansville for well being?…that the category scores for Evansville in descending order are #79 for social life, #86 for sense of purpose, #97 for financial success, #143 for community quality, and still a low #154 for physical health?…if just 20% more people would stop smoking, go for a walk everyday, and stop eating junk, Evansville may pass the other cities in Indiana and dent the top 100 in a couple of years?IS IT TRUE we congratulate those who made the rise happen and encourage everyone else to be a little better every day in every phase of life?IS IT TRUE that is another move of engineering genius someone decided to put a solid support pillar right in the middle of the bike path that goes under the $3 Million overpass that connects the Doubletree Hotel, the Ford Center, and the building formerly known as The Centre?…it is just a matter of time until someone on a bike or even in a car runs into that support and causes damage to either the support, themselves or both?…sometimes you really have to wonder what people are thinking?…even if the post was necessary for the bridge chosen there are plenty of stronger bridges spanning way more than a street that could have been chosen?IS IT TRUE that an accident has occurred over in the new bike path on North Main Street?…this time some driver decided to use the $18 Million bike lane and got stuck?…it is difficult at this point to know whether the driver was just a fool who couldn’t tell a bike lane from a street or if the bike lane’s similarity induced this hilarious faux pas?FOOTNOTE:  Todays “Readers Poll” question is : Do you feel that the main stream media isn’t accurately reporting the disappointing attendence figures at the Evansville Thunderbolts home game?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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