Arena Hospitality Group opened the first luxury glamping resort in Croatia – Arena One 99 Glamping

first_imgLast week, Arena Hospitality Group opened the first family glamping resort in Croatia in the area of ​​the former Arena Pomer campsite in the eponymous settlement of Pomer, Medulin municipality, thus enriching the success of Istrian and Croatian hotel and tourism with a new trendy product.Namely, it is one of the largest glamping camps in Europe, which consists of 199 luxury tents.Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’ or glamorous / luxury camping, combines classic camping in nature with all the amenities of a home, apartment or hotel and modern technology. The concept envisages fully equipped tents with a solid base in which weather conditions do not disturb the holiday. Glamping is a concept of vacation in contact with nature, wellness services, recreation and healthy living, top gastronomy and entertainment. Due to the good terrain, mild climate and natural attractions in untouched areas, Croatia has great potential for the development of glamping, and Arena Hospitality Group is one of the first companies to recognize such potential and just opened the glamping resort Arena One 99 Glamping.Arena One 99 Glamping is located on a peninsula near the Medulin Bay, just a few kilometers from ancient Pula, and offers three different, specially designed accommodation units, ie tents. It is intended for everyone who wants to enjoy a holiday in an environment of untouched nature, without giving up a premium bed or bedding made of combed Egyptian cotton, worthy of five-star hotels. “The transformation of Camp Pomer into luxury glamping dedicated to the glamping offer, which introduces new sustainable initiatives, has also resulted in a change of name to Arena One 99 Glamping. With a unique concept, this new resort pays tribute to the settlement of Pomer in which it is located. The name Pomer, or Pomerium in Latin, comes from the time of the Roman Empire, when the term post-moerium meant a sacred space within the walls of the city of Rome. Transformation is a demanding process and only a small part of the mosaic that makes up the “today and tomorrow” Arena Hospitality Group is listed. The goal is one, both today and tomorrow – a satisfied guest who returns … ” they point out from Arena Hospitality Group and add that this is an investment of 50 million kuna.In order to make the offer completely tailored to guests, Arena, in cooperation with top international manufacturers of luxury tents Adria Home, Lushna Group, Outstanding and Crippacampeggio, offered guests several types of glamping tents. Regardless of their size or how many people they receive (from two to six), superior comfort and luxury is uniform. Each tent is richly equipped – air conditioning, LCD Flat screen TV, fully equipped kitchenette with illy espresso machine, bathroom with luxury cosmetics set, all at the level of modern high category hotels.In addition to the superior comfort in the tents and all other facilities and additional facilities of the camp designed for the purpose of providing a luxurious vacation to its guests. Luxurious outdoor spa & wellness zone “SPA one4you” with whirlpools, treatment tents, rain room, sauna, outdoor relaxation areas, a platform for yoga programs and outdoor fitness in Istrian greenery, offers guests a place to relax mind and body, and designed was also created in accordance with nature and the concept of 4 elements – earth, air, water and fire. Spa programs and accompanying activities are completely dedicated to the harmony of mind and body (mind full vs. mindful). They are based on the concept of healthy living and include yoga programs, meditation, corrective gymnastics and stress reduction activities, while all treatments use only certified spa products of natural and organic origin.Programs and animation facilities are specially designed for the youngest guests of the camp, such as swimming schools, creative workshops, cinema and theater performances and two equipped Indian tents for kids & teens club. For additional active vacation guests have at their disposal bicycles, kayaks and increasingly popular SUP boards (stand-up paddling), and a surf school for children and adults, while additional facilities will be supplemented.The offer of food and drinks in restaurants and bars is based on local and healthy specialties, and is designed in such a way that the guest enjoys the tastes of Istria. Lounge and beach bars located in the deep shade of a pine forest right by the sea and are an ideal place to enjoy. vehicles. Electric vehicles are available inside the camp, which makes the camp sustainable, reduces CO2 emissions, while offering “green”, and it is important to emphasize that movement within the camp is allowed only by electric vehicles, which is in line with green and sustainable philosophy.Arena One 99 Glamping introduces all these specialties among the first resorts / camps in the region – which is emphasized by the word One in the name, point out the Arena Hospitality Group and add that Arena One 99 Glamping conceptually emerges from the walls of classic camping and opens new horizons for its guests. luxury vacation, with 199 accommodation units, especially prominent in the name – One 99.A few days after the opening and arrival of the first guests of Arena One 99 Glamping, renowned experts from the Croatian and world camping sector also visited. Joao Alves Pereira, President of the FICC (World Association of Campers and Caravanserai): “It is a completely new concept of camp design that has exclusively Glamping offer, wellness services, premium class service and is certainly the first in Istria, Croatia and beyond. I am amazed how the architects managed to incorporate the new buildings into the Istrian landscape ambience without disturbing the natural sequence, creating quality materials: wood, canvas and stone, a real Glamping town for approx. 700 inhabitants in 190 cottages. It is a brave challenge for everyone who knows something about the profession in this business, but it is also a challenge for the new demand profile for more natural relaxation. Hats off to the investor”.Take a look at what is probably the biggest glamping camp in Europe at the moment official websiteslast_img

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