Why I live in Croatia: 30 incredible discoveries in 2019 alone

first_imgThere are many small companies in Croatia that deal with moving things, but I especially liked this very original chocolate souvenir from Dubrovnik, the exact length of Orlando’s elbow. I am never thrilled by the stories I hear about myself as a foreigner in Croatia. So many conspiracy theories, so many assumptions about me. And if I had more time, so I could dedicate myself to the intelligent wisdom of the Croatian army of keyboard warriors more than once a month, I’m sure I would learn more things about myself that I had no idea about until then. One of the most watched business stories of the year was the rebirth of Varaždin’s fashion giant, Varteks, under the dynamic leadership of Nenad Bakić. There are many aspects of this story that require attention, and we touched on just a few of them in this interview, which he gave us in his office at Varteks earlier this year. And it is far from the fact that you need millions to live here, it is possible to start a business with 100 euros, with an idea and determination, sitting in a cafe in Jelsa. So if I could, why wouldn’t you? I’m not going to pretend it’s easy, but what comes back to you makes everything worth the effort. And it always gets better every day when the international media takes a great story about Croatia from TCN and spreads it all over the world. So as much as you can have fun in Croatia in 12 months – here are my 30 best discoveries this year – well, most of them are from this year, but some of the items are older favorites that I recommend you try, at least once in your life. Vucedol. Simple – wow. One of the things you must see in Croatia. Too bad it is seen by really rare visitors. And then there are a lot of things I didn’t manage to write about – a fantastic performance of Orašar at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb (thank you, Ankica Mamić – an unforgettable evening). We were thrilled as we received the award for best online reportage at the first edition of the Medical Travel Media Awards in Kuala Lumpur in August. But imagine, it works! Really interesting interview with the owner of the store on the island of Žut, and if you click on the link, you can also see a video of a great pull-out system, which works on the island without electricity. While Vukovar aroused strong sadness in me, I felt the strongest pride for Ognjen and Andreja in Berlin, earlier this month. I really follow medical tourism in Croatia closely, and I was honored to be one of only two other people from Croatia who testified when the Bagatin Clinic was named the best international cosmetic surgery clinic of the year, by 20 independent experts at the 2019 International Medical Travel Journal Awards. in Berlin. Congratulations on a well-deserved award. How to prevent your children from spending the whole day on their own gadgets and make them notice the world around them? Make them tour with Aunt Ivo from Secret Zagreb. Not only are these the most innovative tours on the market, but they are led by probably the most interesting and passionate guide, the creator of all Secret Zagreb tours, Iva Silla. Really great. You can find the original article on this one connectors The first international media award for TCN. In Malaysia! 9. Harvesting lavender on top of Paradise. 4. Baška, a Glagolitic masterpiece on Krk. If there is one thing I learned in Croatia, it is that Karin Mimica from Gastronaut organizes the best tours for Christmas trees. I went with Karin on various trips around Croatia and discovered many secret places in Croatia that I didn’t even know existed. This year, the highlight of the Gastronaut was a visit to the Krk Food Festival, and especially the Glagolitic magic of Baška. Successful Croatian companies sometimes appear in the most incredible locations. Imagine the idea of ​​opening a store on an island where no one lives all year round. One of the facts of everyday life in Croatia is that things rarely go according to plan, and very often a pleasant surprise and diversion appear along the way. Rent a van to pick up a kitchen table in the west of Zagreb, which you bought through Njuškalo – honestly, it doesn’t seem like a day that has the potential for a lot of fun, especially when the owner of the garage where the table is doesn’t show up at all. But when life gives you lemons, Croatia will sometimes find a way to make lemonade – in this case, a fantastic Lebanese restaurant just around the corner. Croatia, full of incredible discoveries. With so many people emigrating, this foreigner who lives here doubts he could live anywhere else. Read the list of 30 magical moments so far in 2019. Croatia is not just a country of tourism. There is a lively entrepreneurial scene in it, and it is one of the most positive evenings in the country that feeds on the negativity of dinners with the awarding of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award, which takes place in Lauba in Zagreb. Infobip deservedly won in 2019. 14. Vučedol, unique in Croatia with a world class product. And if you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the hedonistic east of Croatia, why not put it on your list of things to do in 2020? And then I met him, Ribafisha. Simply, the hottest project on the Adriatic in 2019, and it will be again in 2020 and 2021. A wonderful man, a wonderful project, find out more about it.   Two recent comments really amused me though. The first is that I have never written anything positive about Croatia, and the second is that many people think that I am actually rich independently, and that I run TCN as a hobby. It is true that I started Total Hvar with approximately 100 euros in my pocket, and it does not seem that I have really gotten rich in the meantime. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring this beautiful country, down to the smallest detail every year, especially since I moved to Varaždin County after 13 years on Hvar. Another great year has passed, so I thought I could summarize some important moments in one article (with links to each individual article in the title of the section) to show that you should not just look for an escape from Croatia, because there is a rich and diverse life which you can enjoy exploring Croatia. And if I could do it, with a little determination, hard work and 100 euros in the bank, you can too. 5. For Križen, 6 processions protected by UNESCO in one fantastic night on Hvar. Među najvažnijim nevjerojatnim otkrićima u Hrvatskoj u 2019., pronašao sami birokraciju u Hrvatskoj koja funkcionira! MUP u Varaždinu ne samo da je uspioprodužiti moje ime iz “Paul David Raym” u “Paul DavidRaymond”, nakon što mi je ime godinama bilo skraćeno na službenimdokumentima, nego su mi uspjeli riješiti i dokumente za nakon Brexita za 18minuta, koliko je trebalo da dobijem novu vozačku dozvolu. 23. Victory over the Croatian bureaucracy, dedicated to all foreigners with long names. After giving an interview for the leading Croatian web portal index.hr about the state of Croatian tourism, and it has been read more than 100.000 times, I got the opportunity to write an occasional column for their site – a great opportunity to link to TCN. Thanks for that benefit! And when I solved the riddle of the red telephone booth in the oldest permanently inhabited city in Europe, the time came to discover the rest of Vinkovci, under the expert guidance of Goran Rihelj. Congratulations, sir! 12. Finding an English pub in a field, in the middle of nowhere in eastern Croatia. 18. The life force of Dalmatian life – olive harvest. Ti se poduzetnici sve više organiziraju i sve su glasniji. Konferencijagodine “Poduzetnički mindset” održana je u Zagrebu u rujnu. Rimac,Bakić, Mrvoš, Tedeschi, Bagatin i mnogi drugi superheroji iz poslovnog svijetaHrvatske podijelili su svoje priče – i svoje neuspjehe. Najimpresiviniji dio konferencije?U prvom redu nisu sjedili ministri, nego srednjoškolci – kakav sjajan način zainspirirati sljedeće generacije. The most incidental invention of the year. After finding the red telephone booth from the introductory photo in Vinkovci, a little research led me to a Briton who not only deserved it, but also opened an English pub in a field in the middle of nowhere, a few kilometers away. I set out to find him… 1. Upoznavanje uspješnog vlasnika dućana na otoku na kojem nema stalnih stanovnika – Žut. From the fight against stress to a state of heightened emotions. I always stayed away from Vukovar during the commemorations, because I felt that as a foreigner I had nothing to do there, but this year I decided to go there, to write something about that event in English, which no one has done so far. 15th Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference in Zagreb. 21. From a famous photographer to an organic farmer, the experience of OPG Mario Romulić. The first article for The Daily Telegraph. Remember when I mentioned a moment ago that days in Croatia never go the way you planned? How excited was I when I had to go visit the auto parts factory in Sesvete? Exactly. How wrong was I? Read on here.  Croatia is a 90% Catholic country, and neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts over a million tourists a year, although there is no Vatican recognition and there is really nothing to see. And what would it be like to tell you that in Croatia there is not only a miracle that the Vatican has recognized, but that you can also visit it, in the Croatian city of miracles? 19. Participation in the Parade of Remembrance in Vukovar. center_img Although I have been to the east of Croatia before, in 2019 I discovered a lot. One of my favorite things was that I met an old friend again on a new trip – Mario Romulić, a famous photographer, who became a producer of organic food. I warmly recommend staying at OPG Mario Romulić! 16. Revival of the Croatian fashion giant – visit to Nenad Bakić and Varteks. There are not many festivals of great food and wine that can be compared to the Spring Festival of Food and Wine of Korčula Pjatance – a really special time to visit a special island in late April and early May. 10. RokOtok, the warmest project on the Adriatic 2019. Croatia has great wines made by really talented and charismatic winemakers, but have you met a winemaker who makes wines in Split? In the shelter under the apartment building? 7. 5 Michelin-starred chefs on 1 uninhabited island – Days of the Yellow Feast. 6. Hope for Croatia: Award for EY Entrepreneur of the Year. 25. Innovative tours, interested guides, Secret Zagreb provides a masterclass of tourism. My beloved Hvar constantly invited me to return to him, and it is always a pleasure to visit one of the best islands in Croatia, especially to attend the official opening of the Palace Elisabeth Hotel, a hotel with tradition, the first 5 * hotel on the island. It was great fun, suitable for such a great hotel.  Luxury hotels aside, but life in Dalmatia comes down to simple things. I used to hate the olive harvest and the obligation to go to the family field, but now it has become something I look forward to – a natural fight against stress with liquid gold. So when people ask me – and they ask me, often – why I live in Croatia while everyone else is leaving it, my very honest answer is that I really couldn’t live anywhere else. Life and lifestyle in Croatia are simply beautiful, too absurd and addictive – why would I want to live elsewhere ?! Jeo sam u životu svakakvu hranu čudnih naziva, ali “poderanegaće”? Tako se zvalo predjelo koje sam u Iloku dobio uz čašu tramincaIločkih podruma, prije početka sjajnog obilaska koji je uključivao i posjetnajskupljem hrvatskom vinu na tržištu – možete ga dobiti za samo 7.400 eura zabutelju. Požurite, ima ih samo još 182! 3. Byblos, a Lebanese wonder on the slopes above Zagreb. 11. Fantastic Museum of Red History in Dubrovnik. Good bad evil. 22. Iločki Podrumi, a wine story that beats all other Croatian wine stories. 24. Surprising business story of the year – agility, fun and innovation in the Croatian auto parts industry in Sesvete. 26. Innovative souvenirs – Orlando’s chocolate elbow in Dubrovnik. Let’s go! 27. Pride of Berlin: Bagatin named the best international cosmetic surgery clinic of the year. Najposebnija večer godine na otoku Hvaru – Veliki Četvrtak. Pet stotinagodina tradicije procesije “Za Križen”, pod zaštitom UNESCO-a, odvijase istovremeno u šest sela na Hvaru, gdje bosonog križonoša predvodi procesijukroz 22 kružna kilometra tijekom noći. Ove sam godine uspio na videu uhvatitipočetak, kraj i prolazak svih 6 procesija u prolasku kroz glavni trgJelse.  8. Korculanske Pjatance, a spring food and wine festival worth mentioning. But these foreigners really belonged entirely to the gathering in Vukovar – a truly fantastic evening, again in an English pub, with a barbecue with some of the foreign veterans who fought on the Croatian side in the Homeland War. 29. Marked by Masters, masterclass in branding in Trogir. Dalmatia at the end of November is not the usual time of Lots of Life, but this was a special exception, worthy of attention. The days were Dalmatian sunny, Trogir shone bathed in the sun, and their new logo and branding of Trogir – Marked by Masters – was presented. And while 2019 was another year of incredible discoveries in Croatia, it pushed TCN into new territories and other directions. 30. HeadOnEast – Hedonist, magični Osijek iznenadio je hrvatski turistički svijet. 13. Wonderland, home to the only wonder recognized by the Vatican that you can visit. I managed to meet the aforementioned shop owner on Žut because I visited the Festivities Days on that island, one of the most culinary events of the year. And if you’re looking for a great story, here’s one: a family that owns land on an island without water, electricity or ferry connections decides to open a quality restaurant in 1993, during the war. How would you estimate the likelihood that it will succeed? Some 26 years later, even five top Michelin-starred chefs joined forces with the five best Croatian chefs to create a gourmet magic – I think the party exceeded expectations from 1993, right? But when it comes to special moments with aromatic authenticity, nothing can measure the early morning start at 4:30, at the beginning of July on Hvar – the lavender harvest with the celebrated photographer Jadran Lazić is part of my summer calendar from 2013, and this year it followed us a capella song by a local lavender collector. 17. Elitni turizam na Hvaru: otvorenje hotela s 5* – Palace Elisabeth. Just mentioning Tito or the red five-pointed star causes an immediate allergic reaction in many, so I was surprised that the Museum of Red History was opened in Dubrovnik, from all places. However you see the history, it is hard to deny that it is a part of Croatian history, and the two characters behind this project have gathered a fantastic exhibition of good, bad and evil from this most controversial era of the past. Although it seems to be a controversial topic, the museum quickly came to no. 1 of the best museums in Dubrovnik on TripAdvisor. 28. First visit to the oldest permanently inhabited city in Europe: 10 things you need to know about Vinkovci. And when the possibilities are already mentioned, the opportunity arose to connect with the University of Zagreb and start an internship program for young students from the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism. So far, the initial days of this program are passing, we are having a good time, and one of the interns’ articles will be published in London, a few weeks after the beginning of the cooperation with TCN. 20. Barbecue in an English pub in a field near Vinkovci with foreign volunteers of the Homeland War. But as he delighted Trogir, so did Osijek, when he hosted the most important people of Croatian tourism during the Day of Croatian Tourism. Even the local people were delighted with the magic of Osijek and the Fortress. Moj dječački san da postanem maneken konačno se ostvario u mojoj 50.godini, kada sam postao posljednje lice Varteksove kampanje “Nesavršenmuškarac u savršenom odijelu”. Ako mogu učiniti da ja izgledamprezentabilno, zamislite što tek mogu učiniti za vas… And his wines are fantastic. Meet Divina Vina. Check it out video. Yes, at least! Why emigrate? Where in the world will you find such incredible discoveries and lifestyles as I wrote outside of Croatia? 2.  Jedini vinar u Splitu, koji proizvodi vino u atomskom skloništu. Cover photo: Steve Gauntlast_img

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