Community combats prostitution

first_imgAuckland Now 7 May 2012A residential South Auckland patch notorious for street prostitution has been cleaned up as a result of community action. Frequent community patrols and a heavy police presence around Hunters Corner in Papatoetoe have frightened away would-be customers of prostitutes. Last year, residents complained they were prisoners in their own homes after being followed up their driveways by prostitutes and young children having to hear the sounds of people having sex outside. Residents also complained of seeing street workers “servicing” customers in broad daylight. Previous attempts to deter prostitutes – to no avail – included installing better lighting and council-contracted CCTV camera operators. Stephen Grey, the deputy chair of the Otara-Papatoetoe board, said community action has “visibly improved the problem to the point where it is barely noticeable”. “People have come up to me, some of whom take their children to swim lessons at 5am, and who were in the past confronted by sex workers early in the morning but they say now there are none,” he said. Grey said he is not aware of the prostitutes stepping up their trade elsewhere in the area. Despite the situation improving, Grey said the local board was still hoping the Manukau City Council Control of Street Prostitution Bill would be approved by a select committee in Parliament at the end of July.

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