Todd Leary

first_imgFor those of you who get the Indianapolis Star, you are familiar with the case of Todd Leary–former IU basketball star.  Leary played with Damon Bailey and Calbert Chaney.  The article, however, was not about his playing days at IU, but what happened to him later in life.Not unlike other star athletes who begin to believe that they are entitled to continue to receive favors and free passes for their athletic skills, Leary, who played basketball at Lawrence North, found the business he was working at not capable of meeting his finanacial needs.  After some misappropriations of funds, Leary was arrested before an IU basketball game.  After spending a year in jail, he became a free man but found himself at the bottom of the heap.Unlike others, Todd picked himself up, got involved with AAU basketball and started repaying society.  Now he can be found on Sunday afternoons with his AAU players  passing out food to the homeless in his hometown of Indianapolis.  He still has a way to go, but he is certainly on the way back.  Unlike others, Leary learned his lesson and is rebuilding his life.last_img

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