St Rose’s High School to be demolished next week

first_imgThe commencement for the demolition of the aged wooden St Rose’s High School is set to begin on Monday, where the building will be torn down to make room for the much awaited modernised building.Information dispatched from the institution’s Board of Governors revealed the works were scheduled during the August vacation to prevent any incidences since the students would not be present at the worksite. Meanwhile, the tearing down of the building is expected to last for four weeks under the guidance of PD Constructing Inc.This process will be limited primarily to the aged wooden section and any other relevant adjoining areas that are in a state of disrepair; and which are also slated for reconstruction. The reconstruction project is expected to take place immediately after the demolition exercise by Courtney Benn Contracting Services Ltd, and will last for an additional 24 months.The intended new replacement structure will incorporate several aspects of the original school building design and will integrate the design of the Marian and other wings on the property. This includes the retention of the green space courtyard area, a unique feature of the school.In February of this year, a $16.9 million contract was approved by Cabinet for the demolition of the St Rose’s High School. At that time, Minister of State Joseph Harmon had stated that the tearing down of the old building would’ve commenced during the Easter vacation. However, these plans did not materialise and the works were postponed to this month.last_img

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