Arnold, Limbaugh make nice after ‘irrelevant’ comment

first_imgBut he sounded pleased when Schwarzenegger eased out of the interview, saying he wanted to smoke more cigars with him. Schwarzenegger embraced a more centrist agenda after voters rebuked his attempt in 2005 to limit the power of public employee unions. In a Tuesday interview on NBC’s “Today,” Schwarzenegger said Limbaugh’s views were irrelevant to his work in California. “All irrelevant. Rush Limbaugh is irrelevant. I am not his servant.” SACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made nice with Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday, calling in to his radio program a day after he dismissed the conservative host as “irrelevant.” Limbaugh, who a day earlier had accused the governor of abandoning the conservative cause, treated Schwarzenegger cordially. But he pressed him on recent political moves, such as his $12 billion universal health care proposal, that have angered conservatives. The two had a back-and-forth discussion about extending health care to undocumented immigrants and whether the money to pay for the governor’s health plan amounted to new taxes or fees. Limbaugh said the compromises Schwarzenegger said were necessary “to get things done” were a capitulation to liberals. “We are still compromising our ideology,” Limbaugh said. “They are not. And this is what people are upset about.” last_img

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