Listing tranforms GitHub into dating site for coding geeks

first_imgOnline dating, particularly for women, is a fairly sketchy proposition. There’s no shortage of sites that offer the service, nor is there a shortage of users who create profiles. Basically online dating has always been one of those things where if it works it is awesome and if it fails than someone likely gets hurt. One user on the social coding platform GitHub has taken matters into her own hands by releasing a personal ad of sorts on her account, in the hopes that she will find someone that meets her criteria.Noriko Higashi (norinori2222 on github) recently posted “boyfriend_require” to her public repository. The file consists of a brief explanation as to why she is looking for someone electronically, and a list of about 30 individual items Ms. Higashi uses to determine if she’s interested in pursuing a relationship with the submitter.If you are not a programmer, you need only meet 28 out of the 30 requirements to consider yourself worthy of emailing her. There are four additional points for programmers, which includes access to your server if you maintain one yourself, as well as your code. If you play a lot of video games, watch a lot of television, or have issues tolerating your neighbors, you need not apply.What I find most interesting about the advert itself is that there’s no real evidence that Ms. Higashi is who she claims to be. There’s no photos of this person anywhere (aside from the graphic on the right). A YouTube account with the same avatar and name has videos that include a woman doing things like unboxing a Retina Macbook, but even then you never see her face. She states in the FAQ with her file that she’s not overly interested in how someone looks but posting an image of some sort if generally standard etiquette, if only to prove that you are a real person.If nothing else, this is a very clever way to approach an audience of people you are specifically interested in socializing with. So, if you’re at least 20 years old and meet at least 28 of the 30 criteria listed over on GitHub, and are interested in talking to a 30-something currently living and working in Tokyo, maybe you should head over to GitHub.Or, maybe you should submit a feature request to the social coding platform to install a personals section.Read more at boyfriend__requirelast_img

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