Nintendo is bringing 20 games to Comic Con this week

first_imgIn a continued effort to put the Wii U gamepad in the hands of potential buyers, Nintendo has plans to setup a large demo area at the San Diego Comic Con this week with existing and unreleased titles for attendees to play.Nintendo has not had a terribly successful year with the Wii U so far. The console isn’t moving off of shelves, game publishers left and right seem to be pulling support, and the system itself still doesn’t have all of the features that were announced. You could compare this launch to the VirtualBoy, but that would imply that people are concerned that the new Wii could be dangerous to your health. The Wii U suffers from poor marketing, a failure to meet launch expectations, and a lack of truly compelling games to bring the mass market to buy the console.Nintendo’s only hope right now is to put their hulking controllers into the hands of anyone willing to try it out and show them that the console really is worth purchasing. They have tried this strategy in DownTown Disney and select Best Buy locations during the E3 conference, and now it’s time for round two at Comic Con.You’d be hard pressed to find a larger collection of geeks willing to try something new out than the hordes of consumers wandering the halls of the San Diego Comic Con every year. Amidst the thousands of brightly colored shiny things to lure in potential buyers at this event will be a large Nintendo display with games for both the Wii U and the 3DS. While many of the games on display will be new and popular titles, Nintendo is also giving attendees a look at some unreleased titles. Some of those unreleased titles will include Disney Infinity, Skylanders SWAP Force, Super Mario 3D World, and Bayonetta 2.The 3DS titles available to play will include Yoshi’s New Island, Sonic Lost World, and Shin Megami Tensei IV, as well as a look at Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.It’s hard to tell whether or not this plan has worked out for Nintendo so far. Getting the games in the hands of enthusiasts is a great idea for Nintendo, but in order for that to turn into console adoption the experience has to be so great that they walk away from Comic Con with an urge to spend the money on a new console three months before the PS4 and Xbox One launch.[image by Chris Sewell]last_img

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