GM to introduce wireless charging in select 2014 models

first_imgBuy a new car today, and it’s likely to come with Bluetooth to wirelessly stream phone calls and music from your smartphone. It doesn’t do away all the cord clutter in your cabin, unfortunately. If you want to charge your phone, you still need a USB cable.Several manufacturers are racing to integrate wireless charging tech, and it looks like GM may be the first to deliver on a large scale. According to a Bloomberg report, the company is hashing out details with the folks at Powermat.GM invested in Powermat back in 2011 and integrated its charging system in the 2012 Chevy Volt. It’s no surprise that GM now wants to expand the partnership.While that’s certainly good news, it’s not good news for everyone. There’s no single wireless charging standard right now, so a built-in Powermat in a 2014 GM vehicle isn’t necessarily going to charge your smartphone.Powermat probably has the biggest consumer presence of the three (which includes Qi), but there aren’t a lot of phones on the market yet that ship with wireless charging capabilities. You can always buy a Powermat case to clip around your phone, but not everyone wants the added bulk of a wireless charging “backpack.”Unless you’re keen on hardware hacking, though, you don’t have an alternative with a device like the Galaxy S4 or Lumia 920. Their first-party charging kits are Qi compatible. The same is true for Verizon’s LG G2.Theoretically, though, this news may turn the tides, since Powermat now has added leverage with device manufacturers. Now that the company can say, “Hey, one of the world’s largest automakers is shipping our chargers,” it should be easier to convince manufacturers to adopt Powermat tech in their phones.Then again, GM has unsurprisingly locked Powermat into an exclusive deal. That either means that it plans to offer only Powermat chargers in its vehicles — or that it’ll be the only company to offer both Powermat and others like Qi.Let’s hope it’s the latter.last_img

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