Piece of DNA Containing Coded Key to One Bitcoin Cracked Days Before

first_img With the rise of Bitcoin value, it’s inevitable that’d we’d get some bizarre stories about people who unearthed some older Bitcoin that was stored back when the things were essentially worthless, only to net their discoverers embarrassing amounts of cash. This is one of those stories.In this case, Sander Wuyts, a Flemish PhD student at the University of Antwerp in Belgium fiddled with some code stored on DNA to get ahold of his digital currency. Essentially, Motherboard writes, the key to open a specific bitcoin wallet was encoded into DNA as part of the “DNA Storage Bitcoin Challenge.” The whole thing got started after Nick Goldman gave a presentation on DNA info storage at the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. At the forum, he passed out some specially-made DNA that had the key to his Bitcoin wallet. Goldman said whoever cracked the code first would be the lucky owner of one Bitcoin. At the time, the things were only worth $200, but now that the value has ballooned to over 50 times that, there was a bit more pressure to get it right. Plus, Goldman set a time limit of three years. If no one managed to crack the code, the challenge would have expired today. But Wuyts noticed that Goldman had tweeted out a reminder about the challenge and asked for a sample of that DNA so that he might try his hand at it. “When I read the tweet, it goes without saying that I was extremely enthusiastic,” Wuyts wrote. “I still remember myself announcing to all of my colleagues that we should drop everything we’re doing and start solving this challenge .”Wuyts had a lot of advantages going in, namely access to the kind of high-end equipment needed to sequence a genome as well as a background in computational microbiology. By working the problem for over a month, though, Wuyts was able to piece it all together. There were nine major chunks of data stored in the DNA, and Wuyts had to decode that to assemble it into one long stretch of code and then convert that into plain text.From there, he was able to access the wallet and claim the Bitcoin a mere five days before the contest was set to expire. What does the intrepid Wuyts plan to do with the money? Well… “thank the colleagues who helped… and celebrate [his] PhD in style.” Master Blockchain With These Easy Online CoursesAtari Explains What ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ On Blockchain Even Means Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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