Facebook Cracks Down on White Nationalism White Separatism

first_img Facebook and Instagram are taking a stand against white nationalism and white separatism.Starting next week, the social networks will ban praise, support, and representation of such bigoted content.“It’s clear that these concepts are deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place in our services,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.Long-standing policies that prohibit hateful treatment of people based on race, ethnicity, and religion have “always included” white supremacy.But the firm had not extended the same rationale to white nationalism and white separatism—the beliefs that Caucasian people are the preeminent race, and should exist separately from other ethnicities.In fact, Facebook’s content moderators were explicitly directed to allow such subject matter, according to a leaked document published last year by Motherboard.Add to that a bit of civil rights backlash, and Facebook appears to have been scared straight.“Going forward, while people will still be able to demonstrate pride in their ethnic heritage, we will not tolerate praise or support for white nationalism and white separatism,” the blog said.Searches for terms associated with white supremacy will surface a link to Life After Hate’s Page (via Facebook)Phrases like “I am a proud white nationalist” or “Immigration is tearing this country apart; white separatism is the only answer” are now prohibited, Mashable reported, citing two members of Facebook’s content policy team.Implicit and coded messages, meanwhile, may take longer for the social network’s algorithms to suss out.Continuing its effort to make the world better, one like at a time, Facebook will connect people searching for white supremacy-related terms with resources focused on crisis intervention, education, support, and outreach.“People exiting far-right extremist groups need ample support to reintegrate into a society that they once attacked,” according to Life After Hate, an organization working with Facebook to help people quit hate groups.There will always be someone who tries to game the system and carry on propagating prejudice.“Our challenge,” Facebook said, “is to stay ahead by continuing to improve our technologies, evolve our policies, and work with experts who can bolster our own efforts.”More on Geek.com:Facebook AI Proactively Removes ‘Bad Content’AI Identifies Coded Hate Speech on Social MediaTwitter Hopes New Rules Can Reduce Hateful, Abusive Behavior Stay on target Podcasts Are TV Shows Now With ‘Limetown’ Trailer7 Icebreakers for Facebook’s New Dating Service last_img

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