June 16 2002 Here are the current interns living

first_imgJune 16, 2002 Here are the currentinterns living and working in Arcosanti. After completion of theirworkshop, they applied forinternships in their chosen area of interest. At least a threemonth commitment is required. [Photo Jeffrey Garrett & text: RL] Andy Bradshaw,graduate from the University of Glasgow (Engineering), splits his timewith the planning office and welding shop. He is currently building anew railing, which he designed, for the pool. [Photo & text: RL] The guy with thecamera is me, Ray Lam, in action. I graduated from Middlebury Collegeand have been living and working as an intern in the Soleri Archives.Part of my responsibilities are to photograph daily progress for thewebsite, hence these photos. You should come to Arcosanti. [Photo AniaGorka & text: RL] Ania Gorka, currentstudent at the University of Toronto (Architecture), currently works inthe planning department. Here is the model of the World Trade Centerwhich she fabricated from Paolo’s design sketches. [Photo & text: RL] Kim Maclean, fromCanada, is working as a landscaping intern. She has come to Arcosantito expand her knowledge of desert ecology. [Photo & text: RL] Emanuele Militellohas worked in design and build firms in England. He is currentlysplitting his time between the planning department and construction.Photo & text: RL] Malcolm Sutherland,currently a student at Alberta College of Art, has just started hisinternship in the Soleri Archives. He hopes to gain a deeperunderstanding of Paolo’s work. He’s holding a Soleri Bronze Originalwhich was recently uncovered from the old archives. [Photo & text: RL]last_img

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