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first_imgBy FFWPU USA: Another invigorating seven-day Divine Principle workshop just concluded in Las Vegas. From March 26 – April 2, 2016, workshop participants delved into Divine Principle study at the International Peace Education Center and explored the surrounding natural areas of Las Vegas, including the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead. Lake Mead was a special experience for participants, as they went out on True Parents’ boat to pray along with some local Unificationists.This is the fourth seven-day workshop yet at the Peace Center, and they get better each time! According to Education Director, Andy Compton, “This group was extra special because of their incredible love for studying the Divine Principle. They always expressed a desire to study more.”Participant Nora DeSilva said, “The Fall is always a very interesting topic for me. It is truly amazing that our True Father discovered the process and motivation of the Fall. I realized that intellectual understanding of the Divine Principle is very important, however my heartistic relationship with True Parents is the ultimate one.”Sinwon Kim said, “I was able to learn more clearly about the death of the Jewish people in the concentration camps during WWII and God’s real heart seeing them and everybody who suffered throughout the history of the human family. Another thing I learned was that I had more clear understanding of who Elijah was during the time of Jesus and the responsibility of John the Baptist to support Jesus to prepare for him as the Messiah.”Through the field trip to the Red Rock Canyon, participants said they felt the beauty and greatness of God’s creation on this earth. Participant Daniela Voelker said, “God loves us. I know this with my mind, but to hear ‘God cannot be happy without me,’ struck my heart. It makes me feel closer to God.”In addition to personal rejuvenation, this workshop offered an opportunity to give. Participants who are focused on outreach gained incredible takeaways for their Tribal Messiahship.“I am struggling to find ways to witness to the people I meet daily,” said Daniela. “Here I am reminded that God wants all his children back, so I am more determined to share the wonderful Divine Principle so other people can receive the Marriage Blessing. At times I get worried by the many problems the world is facing today and I fear the future generations will have difficult times. To hear that God’s determination to fulfill His kingdom is still there gives me hope and makes me think about True Mother’s words about bringing people back to God.”Simon said, “Over the years I became worried whenever I met or attempted to witness to Christians, to a point where I had no hope of being able to reach out to them. No matter how much logic was presented in exploring why Jesus did not come to die, it was hard to convey that the way of the cross only became a secondary choice. Today it became clear that it has very little to do with logic, but mostly with emotional and/or political reasons. Unless these barriers are broken or addressed first, most Christians will not accept the new truth about Jesus’s real mission. Unless I (we) can reach their hearts, it is next to impossible to convince them. I need to shift my focus from logic to heart when teaching, specifically when talking about the mission of Jesus. Logic needs to come second, not first.”Overall, participants expressed that they gained a renewed determination to study scripture regularly, because in reaching out to others, it adds a great deal of background to one’s personal understanding. If you’re looking for a chance to invest in your Divine Principle education, join us in Las Vegas for a 4-day or 7-day workshop!last_img

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