Steve Bell on Donald Trumps reaction to pipe bombs – cartoon

center_img Share Rise up and fight the power. Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook I don’t know if violence is as American as apple pie, but in this case we are talking about political theater, not actual violence. Not one of the supposed “bombs” explodes, and their design looks right out of a Hollywood movie – a large clock taped to a pipe with wires sticking out. A time bomb sent by mail? Is there something more absurd than that? As for violence in America – the homicide rate in the US is 3 time lower than average in the Americas. Share 121 122 24 25 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 48 49 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Jack1917 Share Reply Facebook GuyFawkesForPM Twitter 26 Oct 2018 3:46 8 9 Nemo81 Facebook Reply 5 6 Fair point 0 1 arkley 17 18 Facebook Facebook Jack1917 26 Oct 2018 4:24 Reply Reply Share 26 Oct 2018 3:46 Facebook Heaven forbid if someone should stand up for human rights! And the violence is all owned by Trump and his neo-fascist followers, not by liberals. 15 16 Twitter 26 Oct 2018 3:42 Facebook Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Twitter Radleyman next Share on Twitter AlexFishy Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook Reply Reply This cartoon should captioned ‘Gone with the trump’ (that’s a pun from the north of England BTW). Twitter Twitter 26 Oct 2018 3:56 Topics Share on Twitter Share | Pick My guess is that he’ll use the Caravan as an excuse to impose Martial law which will continue should the Republicans lose the House on November 6. I very much doubt he’ll accept the election results. Share on Facebook | Pick | Pick Share Share Facebook Share Report | Pick Twitter stewartgd1 26 Oct 2018 3:47 Report Twitter | Pick GuyFawkesForPM Laurence Bury Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter 26 Oct 2018 3:39 Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook 50 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share Horris Courtney Twitter 26 Oct 2018 4:30 Facebook Now they know what? q321gg8cla Share on Twitter Irony died November 8, 2016. This is the age of the hypocrite. Share Report Report | Pick Facebook Reply Share Report newest Share Share Share PhilSophia Share on Twitter 8 9 HistoryHacker Report Twitter MereMortal Strummered 28 29 Share Threads collapsed Reply Report 4 5 Strummered MeandYou | Pick Reply at Sorry I pushed the wrong button! Report Share on Twitter 26 Oct 2018 4:25 Report | Pick Share on Twitter Twitter 132 133 Reply next Twitter and many of the cartoons on here and the comments BTL demonstrate that. Horris Courtney Share Share on Facebook Twitter We look back on the media as some kind of dinosaur, but it always was, or is. Blaming MSM for every ill was always shortsighted. The internet age is an amazing thing, and fewer people get their news from papers than ever before. If you are hyperpartisan, the media sources available, across the net, will give you access to all the propaganda to reaffirm a view. Propaganda is much more nuanced now compared to 20 years ago. The press … is the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral, and social being. 56 57 Share on Facebook Report Facebook Fat chance – Turkey, Philippines, Hungary, India, soon Brazil…all have their fuckwits in charge … without adding Vlad to it. Share Radleyman 2 3 The Anglosphere is tearing itself apart – we must all strive to walk peacefully across this flaming bridge into a more balanced, multipolar global village for this time we no longer have the means (or the will) to destroy it in order to save it. Twitter | Pick Funny you should say that… “Tories abstain as European parliament overwhelmingly backs EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia” Share on Twitter | Pick 86 87 Reply Twitter Share | Pick Reply Report 163 164 Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Show 2 more replies Report Share on Twitter | Pick clerverdick Reply Share on Twitter Report Down2dirt charlieblue 125 126 26 Oct 2018 3:41 Reply UnashamedPedant Does your image not have a (dark) dome? John Webb Facebook Share on Facebook Share Facebook Report Fishgirl23 26 Oct 2018 4:07 Share on Twitter Twitter A nasty vulgar ignorant sociopathic narcissistic pathological liar, and he’s president, I hope the world makes it. Report Share Share on Twitter 26 Oct 2018 3:56 26 Oct 2018 4:13 _jhfta_ Report Reply Facebook peacefulmilitant Twitter 25 26 Thu 25 Oct 2018 14.03 EDT Report Horris Courtney 18 19 Report | Pick Share on Twitter Reply Twitter 26 Oct 2018 5:43 Share on Facebook Share Facebook For many years it was traditional the US Presidents chose a Vice President that was so awful that no one would assassinate then and get stuck with the V.P.This has led to a downward spiral in the quality of office holders.I wish they would hurry up and complete the process and get a bucket of watercress in charge in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Share on Twitter Report What do you mean? He is the one who constantly and blatantly lies, and praises extremists and exhorts his supporters to violence. Share on Facebook | Pick Thickstp Show 11 more replies Share on Twitter chriskilby Facebook 60 61 Trump has highlighted his enemies in singularly uncivil ways such as De Niro: a very low IQ individual such as Maxine Waters: be careful what you wish for Max. You can read more about this at Reply Trump no, but then he has swung the other way and as a result is very popular in Tel Aviv. As for Yaxley-Lennon, I’m not so sure. The far right was unequivocally anti-semitic not that long ago – and not merely critical of Israel. It would not be surprising if Y-L had rubbed shoulders with some serious Jew-haters in his younger days. Jew-hating is no longer fashionable in far right circles, muslims now perform the function of the foreign group who don’t belong here. 26 Oct 2018 3:55 MereMortal | Pick Reason (optional) | Pick Report emilyadam Reply Facebook rachel follows Report 26 Oct 2018 4:18 Share Tintenfische q321gg8cla Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp Share on Twitter Share on Twitter | Pick 14 15 Twitter Share Share on Twitter The white house. No dome. 0 1 Share 4 Facebook 75 76 Radleyman Twitter Share on Twitter Indeed, he’s, together with his supporters, the plague-pustule before the mass-killing effects take place. 26 Oct 2018 4:10 Twitter Share Reply amphibious Share on Twitter Share on Facebook He has become the monster he created Share on Twitter Hippokl | Pick Share on Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter Facebook | Pick CNN Share on Twitter Reply Report | Pick Facebook We’re afraid that Donald will do the same. PTalfie76 Nemo81 Reply Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 26 Oct 2018 4:24 This is certainly not true. There is certainly lots of very negative, one side biased coverage on many of the US networks. And as for exhorting supporters to violence we’ve seen a lot of Antifa types harassing people in public. One sides ramps the tension and then the other does. This does not happen in a vacuum. Share on Facebook Reply 50 51 Reply Reply Fishgirl23 50 51 PTalfie76 Laurence Bury It’s the Capitol. And the violent ones are Trump supporters by an extremely wide margin, sth like 99%. | Pick Reminds me of certain other people who feel their conduct authorised as a consequence of a public vote… Facebook Share on Twitter Share Facebook Twitter OneEyedKat Facebook Facebook Nemo81 Tony Stopyra | Pick Reply Peacefully! The right and further right do not let that happen. Learn from history, recent or otherwise. Share Share 26 Oct 2018 3:47 | Pick Report Report 3 4 | Pick Report 26 Oct 2018 3:52 1 2 Reply Not a chance, they are desperate for another massive war, to show how superior they are to foreigners, and they’ll get one. Share on Twitter 47 48 Show 24 more replies 8 9 Twitter Twitter | Pick Share Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook Share 26 Oct 2018 4:23 Reply Report Reply 31 32 Share on Twitter 11 12 Report recommendations 22 23 RosieBgs Report 26 Oct 2018 15:42 Facebook Report Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick | Pick | Pick Down2dirt Share Twitter Share on Facebook No condoning of Trump btw. Not a hateful person, but he tests me. Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook 30 31 Share Report Share on Facebook WastelandInhabitant 26 Oct 2018 4:30 Share on Facebook The problem is not MSM but that MSM is not what it was. Thirty odd years ago newsrooms were resourced to carry out long investigations, sub editors and legal teams were resourced to fact check and ensure standards of verification were met and that meant readers could have a degree of faith in what was reported. The bloggers and internet news teams do not do that. The MSM does not do it as much as they did. That leaves space for propaganda and fake news. Reply Share 26 Oct 2018 4:01 Facebook Reply Twitter | Pick Share Share on Facebook 26 Oct 2018 3:55 Report 0 1 Email (optional) 8 9 Share 9 10 Share Share on Twitter Show 5 more replies Share | Pick Steve Bell Facebook Both the USA and the UK it seems want to destroy over 100 years of social progress and revert back to the bad bad days The trouble is that Trump supporters don’t expect him to be a grown up otherwise they would have recognised that he is the worst representative that their country could have elected. They enjoy having the high school jock in charge, the posse of bozzos who swaggered down the corridors bullying the geeks and little guys and touching up the girls. Hollywood has always portrayed them as getting their comeuppance in the final reels and the geeks triumphing over the bullies. Trump has shown that in real life the bad guys can win the day and there will always be plenty of voters who haven’t left their high schools and their teenage yearning to join the hard goons in abusing the teachers, school rules and saying up yours to education itself. Facebook Facebook Share 6 7 | Pick Share on Twitter Share 67 68 Report Twitter Making AmeriKKKa great again. Share Report Reply Reply q321gg8cla Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick 32 33 26 Oct 2018 3:45 Report Facebook 7 8 Its clearly a bunch of insanely greedy, megalomaniac billionaires that appear happy to back and fund something like Trump for one reason – they know he’ll keep his hands of their ‘stash’ and let them run amok with profiteering and racketeering. Someone like Corbyn is a threat to their personal private poker game. They won’t stand for that… 🙁 Share 26 Oct 2018 7:39 Share on Facebook Twitter Really? Why is it necessarily that they were able to post something at that particular time? Or is this just more what-about-ery? Report 26 Oct 2018 3:39 Share on Twitter Share | Pick Reply | Pick Share on Facebook All Share Share on Twitter 26 Oct 2018 4:06 26 Oct 2018 4:24 Share on Twitter Share Facebook Reply OneEyedKat Warwickwolf GuyFawkesForPM Share on Twitter arkley 8 9 Facebook Facebook Reply | Pick Report Twitter Facebook chriskilby Share on Facebook A reflection of his millions of supporters | Pick Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Fishgirl23 Report Report Share on Twitter Share on Twitter allfalldown Reply Twitter Facebook 17 18 Twitter selfreliant1 Share Hippokl Show 37 more replies Share on Twitter indeed: who was it who said: i) Obama B. was an illegitimate POTUS since he wasn’t an American citizen?
ii) Obama B. was a muslim sympathiser & even a Muslim?
iii) Clinton H. was a criminal who should be locked up?
iv) that the media (especially CCN) was the “enemy of the people”. & even picked out the media out at a rally where his supporters turned on journalists who then felt so threatened they ran?
v) argues moral equivalence between neo-nazis/the KKK etc & those that oppose such hate groups?
& so on, & so on… & now there’s a bombing campaign against CNN, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s & other critics of the Odious (Trump) Creep. & yet there there are many who simply canNOT join these dots… oh shit!! 26 Oct 2018 3:42 Reply 7 8 OneEyedKat Share Share on Facebook I asked why so few people seem to protest this continuing nightmare. Many replied that they feared getting arrested and/or losing their jobs if identified. Make America Fear Again. Strummered | Pick 46 47 Good one. His button he claims is bigger than anyone else’s even though his mushroom received contempt we were told. Share on Twitter Reply If you had told me 5 years ago we would be where we are today I would not have believed you. There is an interconnected web of shit behind Trump, Brexit, The House of Saud (using the DUP of all people), Putin, The ERG, The Legatum Insitute and US Alt-Right white supremacists. Everything that is happening now is by corrupt money behind the scenes and it looks like it is only going to get worse. How the fuck did we allow this to happen? Is it ever going to end, or is this fucked up New Order the new normal? Report Share on Twitter Reply 26 Oct 2018 3:34 30 31 26 Oct 2018 3:45 volcanorak View more comments Twitter Twitter expanded NutFree 26 Oct 2018 3:40 Share on Facebook Reply | Pick Twitter | Pick Silgen Reply | Pick Share on Facebook Reply FrogmellaMousetrap 5 6 Share on Facebook Report Hippokl 26 Oct 2018 6:16 Is that the Reichstag going up in flames or the White House?The situation in the USA is deeply troubling with both sides of the political divide intent on antagonising the other. Right wingers are particularly adept at trolling so called Social Justice Warriors online in video compilations mocking and owning them. For their part liberals are also very antagonistic towards Trump supporters, their demonstrations turning increasingly ugly and their ideological obsessions-Me Too, trans rights etc becoming increasingly authoritarian. Its not exactly the street brawling of the Weimar republic but we are getting close to it. The country is deeply divided and locked in a battle of mutual recrimination and insults. The centre has failed miserably.I used to think comparisons with Hitler were inaccurate but Trump tap directly into the shadow side of the American collective unconscious and this makes him extremely dangerous. Sadly I think it is going to get much worse. 4 … Twitter Share Close report comment form Facebook 1 Share on Twitter Report Facebook Facebooklast_img

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