Joey Dosik Talks Solo Music, Answers Hilarious Questions From Vulfpeck Superfans

first_imgJoey Dosik was recently in New York City performing The National Anthem at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks vs. Nuggets game, which is a pretty big deal for any basketball fan. While some may recognize the “game winner” from his songwriting skills and collaborations with Vulfpeck, it is Joey’s solo career that truly defines him. After releasing his own Game Winner EP in 2016, Dosik has spent much of his time sharing music between his home in LA and various corners of the map.Ready to embark on a joint tour with Lake Street Dive, we took the opportunity to chat with Joey before his NYC gig this Sunday, February 19 at (le) poisson rouge. [Full tour schedule here]. We exchanged a few e-mails between his rehearsal time, and decided it might also be fun to fan-source some questions from Vulfpeck’s online fan club (because of course, fans of Vulfpeck love to nerd out over Joey too). Read below for some in-depth Joey Dosik lifestyle explanations, word on upcoming music with Vulfpeck, and what to expect from the tour that will soon begin with Lake Street Drive.Live For Live Music: Joey, you’re about to hit the road with Lake Street Dive. How did that come to be?Joey Dosik: I met the drummer Michael [Calabrese] a few years back and then I got the chance to meet Rachael [Price] and Bridget [Kearny] at our NYC shows this summer. They are super sweet and oh so talented. I’m so pumped that they asked me to come on board!L4LM: Are you playing any new material (original or covers) on this tour?JD: Yes, definitely. I’ve been testing out some new songs and revamping songs that I’ve played before. I like to do as much work in the songwriting process so that the songs can be performed live in many different ways. You’ll have to come out and see for yourself L4LM: Describe your creative process.JD: Oof, it’s always different. Sometimes it starts with a chord or a lyric. Sometimes it starts with an ice cream sandwich.I’m no longer one of these people that writes a full, finished song in 20 minutes. Ideas come quick but it takes me days or weeks to get a song all the way there. It’s even taken years for certain songs to get finished. You might get it 50% of the way there in one day, but then comes the process of refining it and making it air tight.L4LM: We’ll be seeing you in NYC on 2/19 at (le) poisson rouge. A lot of people are excited about the show! Do you have anything special up your sleeve? Do you have a go-to spot you have to hit while you’re in town?JD: So excited for this show!!! I can’t give away all the surprises – but I will say that LPR has a real piano, and that’s a special treat for me. Every venue should have one! None of this fake piano nonsense in 2017. Also, I’m working on a live version of “Competitive Streak” to perform because I’ve never done it live. Come out!!L4LM: That’s got to be one of my favorite songs on your EP, which I was turned on to by your fellow Vulfpeck collaborators. Can you tell us a little about your work together? Do you have a favorite song?JD: The sessions are super fun. Each day is about eating a good breakfast, hitting the songs in the afternoon, doing our best to make it great, and finally, making some dinner. Usually Theo or Joe throw down the food and its glorious.I was super honored when the guys wanted to do “Game Winner”. We also just cut a few more of my songs, hopefully for the upcoming Vulf album. Pumped.Vulfpeck is also the only group that gets me to take my saxophone out of the case and I think it makes my parents happy. My folks are still a bit confused that I would stop doing the thing that I studied in college (full disclosure, my parents are awesome and supportive).L4LM: Gasp! We can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Would you say that playing live with Vulfpeck has influenced your own career?JD: For sure. It’s connected me with their amazing fans. I’m so inspired by their audience and how pure the love is. The experience is all centered around fun, appreciation and feeling good. That’s what I’m looking for!! It’s something I can get used to.L4LM: What brought you to the University of Michigan? Do you believe that meeting Jack, Joe, Woody, and Theo was fate?JD: I went to the University of Michigan on a Saxophone scholarship and was excited for the opportunity there to study both Jazz and Classical music with some great teachers. I had no idea that I would fall deeply in love with the state of Michigan. I also had no idea I would find a vibrant musical community, made up of my best friends, that would last all this time and continue to grow. Sure, it was fate!!L4LM: Your solo work is within the realm of Vulf, but quite different. It must be fun to switch back and forth when you are able to. Do you have a mental process of going from one musical personality to the next?JD: Yes, they are basically different because when I make my music, I am producing. Wearing the producer hat comes with some basic leadership responsibility. When I record with Vulfpeck on the other hand, I am a member of the group, trying to bring my best energy as a team player and trying to help fulfill the vision of the band.Vulf sessions are also unique because what we are making that day is essentially the finished track – MEANING there isn’t too much overdubbing or adding on to what is getting recorded that day. My music is like that sometimes, but often I am playing multiple instruments and continuing to work on the music at home.L4LM: You have a lengthy tour ahead of you, hitting venues in the United States and in Ireland and the UK. What differences do you notice in the crowds of these different countries?JD: I’ve noticed a real unique excitement for music in Europe. People seem much more willing to express their emotions during a show. It comes in many forms … Screams, singing, laughing, dancing, hugging their friends. Everyone just seems a bit looser there.But the United States is also so interesting because of how massive it is. Every city / region is different!! For example Los Angeles is very cool and full of people in the music industry. Then, if you travel up north 5 hours to San Francisco, everyone seems ready to party and lose their minds!I would love to play music in all corners of the world and I really want to get back to Japan. Mata Kuru Ne!!L4LM: What is your favorite memory of a live show experience?JD: I saw Feist @ the Blind Pig in 2005. She played the song “Let It Die” and had people at the club slow dancing with each other. Some folks were dancing with strangers. My friend slow danced with a stranger that he ended up dating for a little while. It was a fantastic show.L4LM: When can we expect a new record from Joey Dosik? Can you give us an idea of what to expect musically?JD: I’m finishing it up! You can expect a taste this year. I’ve worked on it with Mocky – we’ve co-produced and co-written many of the songs. Loose concept is Marvin Gaye meets Harry Nilsson, but in 2017. Mocky and I play most of the instruments, but there are also some assists from the great Miguel Atwood Ferguson (strings), Gabe Noel (Bass), Jack Stratton (claps), Theo Katzman (percussion / voice), and more special surprises.L4LM reached out to the Vulfpack (Vulfpeck’s enthusiastic online fanbase) to see if they had any burning questions. Here’s what they want to know:Extrapolate the approach taken on “It Gets Funkier II.” How many takes did they do? How much written vs improv? Who’s bedroom?JD: Hmm I don’t remember how many takes. The song was written and then all the playing is improvised. That was filmed in my bedroom (formally carpeted).What’s in your warmup on keys if you do warmup? Same question as far as vocals.JD: I don’t warm up on keys. I do try to warm up my voice if I’m lucky. I use simple scale exercises with vowels and try and get to my entire range. The voice is way trickier and is constantly changing. Its hard to explain but it’s a physical change that morphs as you sleep, eat, talk, etc. It takes effort to get the voice in a good place. It’s much more demanding than any other instrument I’ve ever played.What was it like playing sax through the Vulf compressor?JD: It’s the best. Jack works hard to make me sound good. He’s the only one I fully trust to mix my saxophone playing.Do you write more on piano or other instruments? Do you typically start with harmony, a melody, or lyrics or is it always random?JD: I usually write on piano. Sometimes I write on guitar or bass. It’s always different! But when the lyrics come first, it makes it way easier to write the song. Lyrics are usually the toughest part for me. Melodies and chords come easy.If you could ask Marvin Gaye one question, what would it be?JD: Do you want to go get a drink??If you could shoot around with one NBA player (current/retired, alive/dead), who would it be and why?JD: Magic Johnson!! He’s my all-time favorite player and he’s one of my biggest inspirations. Would be so fun to hang out with him and shoot hoops, my gawd.Favorite Donny Hathaway song?JD: It’s kinda cheesy to say, but I really like “This Christmas.” Favorite Donny record is “Donny Hathaway Live.”When can we start calling you J-DOS?JD: You can call me that lol.What is your favorite 80’s movie?JD: Ferris Bueller’s Day OffWhat’s your favorite Rhodes model?JD: Late 1972 Fender Rhodes SuitcaseWhat is the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?JD: Ask WoodyWho is more deserving of the name J-Boogie? Jack, Joe, or yourself?JD: I’m gonna go with Joe.What’s the best album of all time, and why is it ‘what’s going on’?JD: I guess it’s “What’s Going On” because it’s like medicine that we so desperately need.If you could create a day of the week, what would you call it? And where would you put it?JD: Breakfast Day. It’s a day off. Every restaurant would serve breakfast all day. Eating breakfast all day is encouraged. I’d make Breakfast Day every day.You’re a big fan of Carole King… Would you ever release a cover and if so which track would it be?JD: Yes, Carole King is one of my singer songwriter spirit animals. I’d do “For Once In My Life” or “So Far Away”.Don’t miss J-DOS at (le) poisson rouge this Sunday, February 19 with Lake Street Drive. Tickets available here.last_img read more

Trey Anastasio Honors Butch Trucks At Wanee With Heartfelt Speech And “Ooh Child” Cover [HD Video]

first_imgTrey Anastasio took a moment yesterday during his performance with Trey Anastasio Band at Wanee Festival at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida, to pay tribute to the legendary Allman Brothers drummer and Wanee cofounder, Butch Trucks, who passed away this past January. In an emotional and heartfelt speech, Trey took the time to tell the crowd about being young and looking to being part of a group like the Allman Brothers as a “boyhood dream.”He then about his experiences playing with the Allman Brothers on the very same Wanee stage in 2014, describing the entire lineup as a “group of musical assassins, all of whom I idolize.”  He continued, “It’s a band that gets a lot of props for having the best guitar players who ever lived. Literally, the greatest singer who ever lived. But when you stand up here and you feel it, you know, like I felt it, there was a guy driving that truck, Butch Trucks. It felt like an eighteen-wheeler going down the street, and I could feel it and I could hear it.”Trey then went on to talk about Trucks as great guy, mentioning a literal fishing trip that Butch took the members of Phish on, where he told them a bunch of “crazy rock ‘n’ roll stories” and showed himself as a truly kind soul. “My heart is full of love and my heart is full of memories right now,” said the Phish guitarist. Trey then dedicated the next song to Butch Trucks, asking the friends, family, and fans of Trucks to share in a cover of Five Stairsteps’ “Ooh Child.”You can watch HD videos of Trey’s emotional speech and the band’s cover of “Ooh Child” below, courtesy of Suwannee HD Streams.Butch Trucks Tribute Speech “Ooh Child”last_img read more

Tri-campus community to close due to extreme cold

first_imgTags: Campus Safety, Snow Day, winter weather Anna Mason | The Observer Students brave the harsh conditions outside of the Science Hall Monday afternoon. The tri-campus community is shutting down beginning Tuesday evening due to the extremely cold weather.“We’re going to keep the student dining halls open for extended hours,” Brown said. “LaFortune and the library will be open for 24 hours but the vendors will not be there, so the only place for food will be the dining halls.”Browne said he worked closely with St. Joseph County regarding road closures and emergency measures.“I’m part of a small group that is working on these weather-related issues,” Browne said. “We’re having a meeting with county officials this afternoon. But at this point … we don’t anticipate road closure.”In the event of road closures, measures will be taken to ensure campus is still accessible, he said.“We would make arrangements with the county to have our power plant people be able to come to campus to operate the power plant and other essential personnel,” Browne said.According to an article published by the South Bend Tribune on Saturday, temperatures are projected to reach minus 12 Tuesday, hover around minus 6 during the day Wednesday and minus 15 the following night, then rise to minus 4 on Thursday.Wind chills Wednesday and Thursday may reach 30 below zero, the article said. Skin exposed for longer than 10 minutes may be at risk for frostbite.Browne said the Notre Dame community should take several precautions to stay safe in the extreme conditions.“Appreciate the fact that, in these kind of temperatures, you can incur frostbite very quickly,” Brown said. “We‘re putting out a list of reminders on how to dress: layered clothes, gloves, a mask that can cover your face and mouth, hats … even if you were to have a car break down for a few minutes, in these kind of conditions, that can be life-threatening.”Regarding students that do not have resources to purchase proper winter attire, Browne stated that the University will step in.“If rectors — or anybody — were to bring this to our attention, we would address it,” Browne said.Browne also stated that campus security and NDSP will be on regular patrol and will intervene to ensure student safety.“Our police and fire personnel will still be patrolling — and if they see somebody who’s out and not properly attired or … doing something stupid, then they would intervene for their safety’s sake,” Brown said. “If we see any engagement in any activity that puts [students] at risk, then we’ll intervene. Police are prepared to intervene.”According to an email from Dennis Brown, assistant vice president for news and media relations, this is the 11th time in Notre Dame’s history that the University closed due to severe weather.The last time Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s closed was Jan. 27-28, 2014. Due to extreme weather conditions, Notre Dame will be closed 7 p.m. Tuesday through 1 p.m. Thursday, according to vice president for public affair and communications Paul Browne. Saint Mary’s will be closed 6 p.m. Tuesday and will resume with normal operating hours on Friday, according to an email from vice president for student affairs, Karen Johnson. Holy Cross will be closed Tuesday at 5 p.m. through Thursday, vice president for finance Monica Markovich said in an email.Browne said both dining halls and select campus buildings will remain open. At Saint Mary’s, Noble Family Dining Hall and Cyber Cafe will remain open, but Cushwa Leighton Library and Angela Athletic and Wellness Complex will be closed. Blinkie Service will not operate Tuesday through Thursday, and will resume Friday evening, according to the email. Saint Mary’s Campus Safety will also not offer any off-campus pickups.last_img read more

International Banks Continue to Back Coal Projects, Contrary to Policy Commitments

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Financial Times:Between January 2014 and September 2017 international banks channeled $630bn to the top 120 companies planning to build new coal plants around the world.The researchers highlighted Beijing-based Industrial and Commercial Bank of China as the biggest underwriter for bond and share issues of coal plant developers, providing more than $33bn over that period.The researchers also found that nine western banks increased their financing of coal plant developers in 2016: Citi, UBS, Barclays, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, ING, JPMorgan, Standard Chartered and Crédit Agricole.The campaign groups said the figures were startling against the backdrop of the two-year anniversary of the Paris accord, where 195 countries agreed to fight global warming.The top two lenders to coal plant developers since January 2014 were Japanese banks Mizuho Financial and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, providing $11.5bn and $10.2bn respectively.The figures will raise questions over the seriousness of banks’ public claims to want to help tackle climate change. Many have vowed to help reduce global warming by supporting green financing initiatives.More: Banks criticised for funding coal deals despite Paris agreement International Banks Continue to Back Coal Projects, Contrary to Policy Commitmentslast_img read more

Our employees share: Best financial wisdom from Dad

first_imgLast month, we shared how powerful an influence women are on their families’ finances. They drive 70-80 percent of all consumer purchasing and act as the “CFO” in the majority (51 percent) of households.Mom is big part of our life when it comes to money, and she has given us some amazing advice over the years. But, Dad has also shared some great (and sometimes unique) financial wisdom.So, in honor of Father’s Day, we collected some of the best advice our employees have received from Dad. 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img

Arena Hospitality Group opened the first luxury glamping resort in Croatia – Arena One 99 Glamping

first_imgLast week, Arena Hospitality Group opened the first family glamping resort in Croatia in the area of ​​the former Arena Pomer campsite in the eponymous settlement of Pomer, Medulin municipality, thus enriching the success of Istrian and Croatian hotel and tourism with a new trendy product.Namely, it is one of the largest glamping camps in Europe, which consists of 199 luxury tents.Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’ or glamorous / luxury camping, combines classic camping in nature with all the amenities of a home, apartment or hotel and modern technology. The concept envisages fully equipped tents with a solid base in which weather conditions do not disturb the holiday. Glamping is a concept of vacation in contact with nature, wellness services, recreation and healthy living, top gastronomy and entertainment. Due to the good terrain, mild climate and natural attractions in untouched areas, Croatia has great potential for the development of glamping, and Arena Hospitality Group is one of the first companies to recognize such potential and just opened the glamping resort Arena One 99 Glamping.Arena One 99 Glamping is located on a peninsula near the Medulin Bay, just a few kilometers from ancient Pula, and offers three different, specially designed accommodation units, ie tents. It is intended for everyone who wants to enjoy a holiday in an environment of untouched nature, without giving up a premium bed or bedding made of combed Egyptian cotton, worthy of five-star hotels. “The transformation of Camp Pomer into luxury glamping dedicated to the glamping offer, which introduces new sustainable initiatives, has also resulted in a change of name to Arena One 99 Glamping. With a unique concept, this new resort pays tribute to the settlement of Pomer in which it is located. The name Pomer, or Pomerium in Latin, comes from the time of the Roman Empire, when the term post-moerium meant a sacred space within the walls of the city of Rome. Transformation is a demanding process and only a small part of the mosaic that makes up the “today and tomorrow” Arena Hospitality Group is listed. The goal is one, both today and tomorrow – a satisfied guest who returns … ” they point out from Arena Hospitality Group and add that this is an investment of 50 million kuna.In order to make the offer completely tailored to guests, Arena, in cooperation with top international manufacturers of luxury tents Adria Home, Lushna Group, Outstanding and Crippacampeggio, offered guests several types of glamping tents. Regardless of their size or how many people they receive (from two to six), superior comfort and luxury is uniform. Each tent is richly equipped – air conditioning, LCD Flat screen TV, fully equipped kitchenette with illy espresso machine, bathroom with luxury cosmetics set, all at the level of modern high category hotels.In addition to the superior comfort in the tents and all other facilities and additional facilities of the camp designed for the purpose of providing a luxurious vacation to its guests. Luxurious outdoor spa & wellness zone “SPA one4you” with whirlpools, treatment tents, rain room, sauna, outdoor relaxation areas, a platform for yoga programs and outdoor fitness in Istrian greenery, offers guests a place to relax mind and body, and designed was also created in accordance with nature and the concept of 4 elements – earth, air, water and fire. Spa programs and accompanying activities are completely dedicated to the harmony of mind and body (mind full vs. mindful). They are based on the concept of healthy living and include yoga programs, meditation, corrective gymnastics and stress reduction activities, while all treatments use only certified spa products of natural and organic origin.Programs and animation facilities are specially designed for the youngest guests of the camp, such as swimming schools, creative workshops, cinema and theater performances and two equipped Indian tents for kids & teens club. For additional active vacation guests have at their disposal bicycles, kayaks and increasingly popular SUP boards (stand-up paddling), and a surf school for children and adults, while additional facilities will be supplemented.The offer of food and drinks in restaurants and bars is based on local and healthy specialties, and is designed in such a way that the guest enjoys the tastes of Istria. Lounge and beach bars located in the deep shade of a pine forest right by the sea and are an ideal place to enjoy. vehicles. Electric vehicles are available inside the camp, which makes the camp sustainable, reduces CO2 emissions, while offering “green”, and it is important to emphasize that movement within the camp is allowed only by electric vehicles, which is in line with green and sustainable philosophy.Arena One 99 Glamping introduces all these specialties among the first resorts / camps in the region – which is emphasized by the word One in the name, point out the Arena Hospitality Group and add that Arena One 99 Glamping conceptually emerges from the walls of classic camping and opens new horizons for its guests. luxury vacation, with 199 accommodation units, especially prominent in the name – One 99.A few days after the opening and arrival of the first guests of Arena One 99 Glamping, renowned experts from the Croatian and world camping sector also visited. Joao Alves Pereira, President of the FICC (World Association of Campers and Caravanserai): “It is a completely new concept of camp design that has exclusively Glamping offer, wellness services, premium class service and is certainly the first in Istria, Croatia and beyond. I am amazed how the architects managed to incorporate the new buildings into the Istrian landscape ambience without disturbing the natural sequence, creating quality materials: wood, canvas and stone, a real Glamping town for approx. 700 inhabitants in 190 cottages. It is a brave challenge for everyone who knows something about the profession in this business, but it is also a challenge for the new demand profile for more natural relaxation. Hats off to the investor”.Take a look at what is probably the biggest glamping camp in Europe at the moment official websiteslast_img read more

One dead, scores hurt, in Turkey plane accident

first_imgThe plane was apparently buffeted by strong winds and heavy rain lashing Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city.  “At this stage, 157 injured people are in hospital and one of our fellow citizens has lost their life,” Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told reporters.”Some passengers evacuated the plane by themselves but others are stuck inside and our rescuers are working to free them,” Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said on CNN-Turk television.The plane was carrying 171 passengers and six crew members, Istanbul governor Ali Yerlikaya said, while Turkish media reports said there were 12 children on board. One person died and 157 were injured when a plane carrying 177 people skidded off the runway at an Istanbul airport, caught fire and split into three after landing in rough weather on Wednesday.Live images broadcast on Turkish television showed several people climbing through a large crack in the severed aircraft and escaping onto one of the wings at the rear.The Boeing 737 operated by Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines had flown into Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport from the Aegean port city of Izmir, NTV television reported. Governor Yerlikaya said the plane “slid some 60 metres” after skidding off the runway, and then “fell about 30-40 metres” down a bank. The accident, which he attributed to bad weather, “could have had more serious consequences,” he said.NTV showed images of the badly damaged plane and flames inside, which were later put out by firefighters.After darkness fell, television footage showed dozens of rescue workers in high-visibility jackets surrounding the plane with flashlights. Some sprayed water jets onto the severed body of the aircraft, while others could be seen climbing up onto the plane to comb through the cabin. ‘Strong landing’ According to NTV, Turhan said the plane broke after a “strong landing” at Sabiha Gokcen, one of two main international airports in Istanbul.The front of the plane including the cockpit was sliced off from the bulk of the fuselage, and another huge fissure separated the rear of the aircraft including the tail.Sabiha Gokcen, which lies on the Asian side of Turkey’s commercial hub, was closed and flights were being redirected to Istanbul’s main airport.There had been very strong winds and rain in the area before the incident and poor weather conditions in Istanbul, particularly in winter, often lead to the cancellation of flights.The Istanbul public prosecutor has launched an investigation into the incident. The plane had landed at the airport at 1518 GMT, the private DHA news agency reported.In January 2018, a Pegasus Boeing 737-800 slid down an embankment at Trabzon airport on the Black Sea, and landed just metres from the water with its wheels stuck in thick mud. After four days, the plane was eventually lifted back onto the runway with engineers using cranes. All 162 passenger and six crew were safely evacuated.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought to make Istanbul the world’s top aviation hub and in 2018 opened a new mega-airport in the city of 15 million people.Pegasus, which has been flying for 20 years, has a fleet of 83 aircraft, including 47 Boeings and 36 Airbus planes, according to its website.Topics :last_img read more

Gov. Wolf Announces $1.7 Million for Safer Water in Schools and Child Care Centers

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Gov. Wolf Announces $1.7 Million for Safer Water in Schools and Child Care Centers Press Release,  Public Health Governor Tom Wolf today announced that another component of his Lead-Free Pennsylvania plan to address lead across the commonwealth was secured with a $1.74 million federal grant for testing lead in drinking water at schools and child care programs.The grant comes through the EPA’s Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act, specifically Section 1459B of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which authorizes grant funding for reducing lead in drinking water. The EPA funding will cover 100 percent of the project cost of water testing.“To build a better, healthier Pennsylvania, we need to know the extent of problems such as lead in drinking water, so I am especially pleased that we received this EPA funding,” Gov. Wolf said. “Testing the water of thousands of child care centers and schools will give us a benchmark of the work we need to do next for removing lead from water and protecting our vulnerable school children.”The funding will be administered by PENNVEST, in coordination with the departments of Education, Human Services, Health, and Environmental Protection. The next step is to issue a competitive RFP in the coming weeks for interested parties to coordinate voluntary testing in targeted schools and child care facilities throughout Pennsylvania. The Department of Education has a list of approximately 3,000 targeted facilities that:• Have a high propensity for lead contamination,• Serve large numbers of disadvantaged populations, and/or• Serve large numbers of lower-income children under the age of 6.The result of the testing, which is expected to conclude by the end of the first quarter of 2021, will equip commonwealth agencies with accurate information on the scope of lead exposure among our most vulnerable populations.In late January, Gov. Wolf announced his proposal to expand the state’s RACP program to include up to $1 billion for lead removal and remediation in Pennsylvania’s toxic schools, which could mean funding for the next steps for those facilities that test high for lead levels in the water. He also announced the submission of the EPA grant request that is now officially approved with the announcement today.center_img February 13, 2020last_img read more

UK roundup: Volatility wipes out 2018 DB funding gains

first_imgLeRoy van Zyl, partner at Mercer, said: “2018 was a turbulent year and it is disappointing to see it finish in deficit after finally reaching a surplus for the first time since Mercer began regularly monitoring the position.“While the return to deficit is unwelcome, we are still in a markedly better position compared to the very large deficit following the 2016 Brexit vote. However, the significant volatility demonstrates the importance of schemes locking in gains when opportunities to take risk off the table arise.”By the end of 2018, FTSE 350 pension schemes’ total assets were worth £747bn – down from £766bn a year earlier – while aggregate liabilities were £788bn, down slightly from £798bn at the end of 2017.Andrew Ward, partner at Mercer, added: “With continued Brexit related uncertainty, trustees must ensure the risks they’re running are consistent with their objectives and protects their sponsors’ long term financial security.”#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# UK listed company pension schemes ended 2018 with a poorer aggregate funding position than 12 months previously, despite having moved into surplus during the summer, according to data from Mercer.Falling corporate bond yields pushed combined liabilities for FTSE 350 schemes higher in December, with the total shortfall rising to £41bn (€45.7bn) at the end of the month. This compared to a £32bn total deficit at the end of 2017.Between May and September 2018, rising equity markets and fresh mortality data had helped erase the aggregate shortfall for FTSE 350 schemes. However, stock market and bond yield falls since then reversed the gains.In addition, the estimated cost of equalising guaranteed minimum pension payments has been estimated at £15-20bn. Source: MercerIn a separate assessment, JLT Employee Benefits estimated that the aggregate funding position of FTSE 350 pension schemes had improved slightly during 2018, with an overall deficit of £29bn – down from a £43bn shortfall 12 months earlier.Whitbread to pass on sale proceeds to pension fundcenter_img Hotel and restaurant company Whitbread is to pass some of the proceeds of its recent sale of the Costa Coffee chain to its pension scheme.In a stock market notice last week, the FTSE 100-listed company said it would pay £380m to the Whitbread Group Pension Fund following the completion of the sale of Costa Coffee to the Coca-Cola Company.The one-off payment replaced a previous deficit contribution schedule, which the company said would have totalled £326m over the next four years and was linked to increases in Whitbread’s dividend.The deal with the £2.4bn scheme’s trustees also included an agreement to “release Costa from its obligations to the pension fund”.According to Whitbread’s 2017-18 annual report, the company’s pension fund had a shortfall of £289m on an accounting basis as of 1 March 2018. Coca-Cola paid £3.9bn for Costa Coffee in a deal agreed in August.last_img read more

Barca consider swoop for ‘new Ronaldo’

first_img Loading… Laughed off by club sources to Mundo Deportivo and SPORT, the latter attests it has inside information detailing how 20-year-old Trincao could be close to making a dream move to the Camp Nou. This is because, as per Tomas Andreu, Barcelona made sure they included a preferential option on the U21 international when agreeing to sell B team striker Abel Ruiz to the NOS Liga outfit. Joining initially on an six month loan, there was originally an obligation to buy Ruiz for $11mm when this had run its course. Fancied by Ronaldo’s current club Juventus, who wished to secure his servies for $16.5mn, Trincao has been valued as high as $33mn. Yet it is believed that along with Ruiz, $22mn would be enough for the La Liga champions get him over the line. Scoring two goals in eleven league matches this season, Trincao is able to play all three positions on the front line. Read Also:Cristiano Ronaldo hits 200 Million Followers on Instagram Currently deployed on the right wing, where he scored his side’s opener in a 1-2 away win over Moreirense last night, the comparisons to Lionel Messi’s generational rival Ronaldo have derived from their shared physical attributes and area of the pitch in which they operate. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 FC Barcelona can close in on a young Portuguese star, Francisco Trincao dubbed the ‘new Cristiano’ Ronaldo, according to reports, and may do just that before the close of the January transfer window. Early on Thursday morning in Spain, Catalan daily SPORT broke the news that the Blaugrana had facilitated a deal for the player, who currently plies his trade at Sporting Clube de Braga. With less than 48 hours to run until deadline, their need for new reinforcements has been well-documented. A ‘9’ to substitute the injured Luis Suarez has been top priority, but with negotations breaking down for Valencia’s Rodrigo, the Catalans have been forced to look in other pockets of Europe for fresh acquisitions. Courting the Brazil-born Spain since the beginning of last week, Rodrigo even arrived in Barcelona to take a medical but an agreement could not be struck with his employers only willing to loan him out if an obligatory purchase clause of $66mn was included. Yesterday, Sky Sports made a bold claim that a $110mn offer had been lodged for Richarlison but refused by Everton. And, then, later on Wednesday evening, the UK media giant alleged that a $23.5mn propsal was put forward for Chelsea’s Willian.Advertisement Promoted ContentBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love With10 Stunning Asian Actresses No Man Can Resist5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks8 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The World8 Things That Will Happen If An Asteroid Hits EarthThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldTop Tastiest Foods From All Over The World7 Breathtaking Train Stations Around The GlobeA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read Morelast_img read more