Watch GRiZ Lead A Marching Band Through The Electric Forest Crowd

first_imgWith 45,000 people and music everywhere, there’s always a lot of spectacles to take in at Electric Forest. Among the many showcases at the festival, GRiZ made his own happen seemingly on the spot, as members of his All Good Records label joined him for an impromptu marching band through the crowds!The saxophonist showed off his All Good Marching Band with a video posted to Facebook earlier today. Watch and enjoy the magic!GRiZ also collaborated with The String Cheese Incident at the festival, and played his own set as well. The saxophonist producer is working on new music and hitting festivals all summer long, so don’t miss out. He’s also collaborating with Big Gigantic and Grizmatik at Camp Bisco and headlining his own set, making this a can’t miss weekend.last_img

40 Under 40

first_imgSince arriving at the University of Georgia Department of Horticulture in 2017, viticulture researcher Cain Hickey has helped make UGA Cooperative Extension the go-to source for wine growing expertise in the Southeast. This year the viticulture specialist will be recognized for his contributions to Georgia’s burgeoning wine industry by the publishers of Fruit Growers News and Vegetable Growers News.The publishers’ Fruit and Vegetable 40 Under 40 awards program was launched in 2018 to recognize young growers, Extension professionals, industry leaders and researchers who are contributing to the future of the fruit and vegetable industries. Honorees are nominated by their peers based their early career accomplishments, according to Fruit Growers News.Hickey was recognized at the Great Lakes Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of the top trade shows for U.S. fruit and vegetable growers. “It is an honor to be recognized for something that I enjoy doing, which is working with grape growers and conducting viticulture research,” Hickey said. “It is also nice to be recognized alongside so many other highly productive, talented people in the agriculture field.” Working mainly at test plots at the Durham Horticulture Farm in Watkinsville, Georgia, and in north and west Georgia’s wine-growing counties, Hickey has researched disease-resistant varieties of wine grapes, new trellising systems for Southern climates and cultivation best practices.Because wine grapes are a fairly new crop for Georgia, very little of this basic cultural research had been conducted. Hickey has established partnerships with new and veteran growers to focus his research efforts. “In less than three years, Dr. Hickey has been able to spearhead the viticulture program at UGA by bringing innovative ideas to help the Georgia wine industry. His knowledge, engagement and enthusiasm have already allowed him to gain the growers’ trust and cooperation, which are good foundations to continue the partnership between UGA and the Georgia wine producers and an even stronger Georgia wine industry,” said Leo Lombardini, professor and head of the UGA Department of Horticulture.In addition to his research, Hickey has hosted more than a dozen workshops and field days tailored for experienced growers, would-be wine grape growers and backyard muscadine growers.“Working with growers is the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of my job,” Hickey said. “Industry stakeholders help keep applied scientists focused on what is important, which, in my case, is optimizing viticulture practices to ensure vineyard and enterprise sustainability.”For more information about the UGA viticulture program and upcoming workshops and field days, please visit read more

Market forces pushing coal off the grid in the U.S.

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享CNN:President Donald Trump has gutted regulations on the coal industry, falsely claimed that windmills cause cancer and installed a former coal lobbyist to lead the EPA.In the face of those efforts to rescue coal country, America’s aging fleet of coal-fired power plants continues to shrink. New coal plants are not getting built.Trump’s vow to rip up environmental rules has been overwhelmed by an even more powerful force: the free market. Coal just can’t keep up with dirt-cheap natural gas and increasingly affordable renewables.“It’s hard to see any scenario where coal rebounds,” said Joe Aldina, manager of coal research at S&P Global Platts Analytics.Approximately 15% of America’s coal fleet has been retired since 2017, the year Trump took office, according to Platts. And that trend will probably continue. Platts expects another 10% of the coal fleet will be shuttered between 2019 and 2020. That translates to more than 100 coal-fired units at power plants.“Coal is going to get phased out over the long term,” Aldina said.More: The market has spoken: Coal is dying Market forces pushing coal off the grid in the U.S.last_img read more

Seth’s Bike Hacks: The Trail to YouTube Fame

first_imgMeet Seth Alvo, founder of Seth’s Bike Hacks – one of the most popular mountain bike channels in the world He’s clearly being modest, and he’s a far better rider than most of us will ever be. Many of his videos include screaming fast downhills or huge jumps, and there’s even one where he learns to backflip. While the average rider may never have a backflip in their bag of tricks, Alvo makes an important point. His videos are entertaining and easy to relate to because he isn’t putting on any airs. He caters to riders of all skill levels, and he keeps it real by frequently showing his failures right next to his successes. While he regularly collaborates with other mountain bike channels, Seth’s Bike Hacks is a one man show with a demanding production schedule. Monday and Tuesday are shooting days, and he spends Tuesday night organizing footage meticulously. Wednesday involves writing the video script, recording a voiceover, and editing it into a polished form. It’s frequently a 16-hour day, but it’s a detail that differentiates his videos and gives them a professional touch. Thursday is an editing day that begins at 6am, and he does his best to finish by 2pm because he’s just worked a marathon. Friday is an administrative day, reserved for emails, calls, meetings, and contracts. Of all places, Seth’s Bike Hacks emerged from the flatlands of Florida. Alvo had started doing web development on the side, but by his mid-20’s he was doing it full-time and he had started his own company. Business was good, so he moved to Florida, where he figured he could afford a house. It turns out it’s only cheap relative to New York, but the weather was always great. He was working in coffee shops as a web developer and riding his bike in his free time. Everything was great living in the Miami metro area, until it wasn’t enough. Alvo’s introduction to mountain biking occurred in Long Island with his dad. There were no mountains, but they had a few hills and a small bike trail a few miles from the house. At the time, he had no idea how serious some people were about the sport, but he was certain of one thing: “Road biking was for losers, so of course we were mountain biking.” Chuckling, he admits that “now my views are a little more nuanced.” Alvo has come a long way since starting his channel, and his following continues to grow. The next generation of riders is emerging, and they’re getting their information on trails, bikes, and tricks from YouTube. Alvo might never compete in Red Bull Rampage and glamorous edits of those top-tier riders will always have their place, but the comments on his videos prove that he inspires people to get out and ride a bike. Without a doubt, Alvo and Seth’s Bike Hacks are going to continue to make waves in the mountain biking world. YouTube is powerful because it puts the choice of what to watch directly in the hands of the audience. The results are profound. “The thing is, when you just put a bunch of stuff out there and you let the audience choose for themselves, it turns out that they like people that are genuine. They can see themselves doing what I’m doing. I’m a short Jewish dude from New York with gray beard hair — I don’t look like an athlete. It’s more inspiring when they see me do it than when they see a god do it. I think that’s the case with every category on YouTube. There’s somebody who fills that niche.” If you’ve ever searched for mountain biking videos on YouTube, you’ve seen the work of Seth Alvo. Today, the creator of Seth’s Bike Hacks has a following of more than 1.1 million subscribers, making his channel the second biggest devoted to mountain biking and the biggest one-man show by far. Like most YouTube success stories, he didn’t plan for it to turn out that way. Fans of Seth’s Bike Hacks recognized they had found something special, and they regularly told him he should have a lot more subscribers. His response? “What’s a subscriber?” While he had no clue what he was doing on YouTube, he would wake up every morning to an inbox full of video requests, which validated the time and effort that he put into each edit. “I really enjoy editing and putting stuff together. I like being creative, and of course, I love mountain biking.” “I just really caught the mountain biking bug again, hard, and I was itching for more variety. I stayed in Florida as long as I did thanks to the incredible trail work done by builders in the area.” Trail systems like Santos and Markham featured not only great jump lines but extensive North Shore-style elements to get riders around or over the sand and mud pits that are part of the Florida landscape. In fact, when Alvo first rode at Vancouver’s Mount Fromme, he felt right at home. “I had already ridden stuff like that before. There’s just a lot more gravity involved up there.” Still, Florida was no Fromme, and Alvo started his YouTube channel because he was bored. In the early days, it was mostly repair tips, tutorials, product reviews, and backyard shenanigans. It wasn’t long until he had built up a small but passionate following and he felt obligated to continue. Alvo has worked quite a few different jobs, and while he wouldn’t trade his current profession for any of them, he’s not just raking Benjamins into a plastic bag four times a month. “It’s actually working like crazy to come up with ideas, get people together, organize things, make things happen.”center_img The more time he spent on two wheels, the more types of riding crept into his life. If you’ve watched his videos, you won’t be surprised to learn that he discovered street and BMX riding in middle school and it was his main focus through his high school years. It’s clear from his crisp style and tolerance for risk — both things that would come in handy for starting his channel. It took Alvo a long time to consider the possibility of making a living with his videos. He got to 10,000 subscribers and hadn’t even turned YouTube’s monetization feature on. “I kind of felt bad about it, but I turned it on just to see what would happen.” He was expecting a payout of pennies on the dollar, but the first month he earned $350. With the channel experiencing steady growth, it wasn’t hard to extrapolate what might happen if he kept the pedal to the floor. Alvo had just gotten married in 2016 and he and his wife were itching for a move. They honeymooned in Alaska. It was the first time she had seen mountains, and she didn’t want to leave. With her job in the medical world and his burgeoning YouTube channel, the pair realized they could live anywhere they wanted. Seth's Bike Hacks These days, there are quite a few mountain bikers with YouTube channels, but no individual has achieved anywhere close to the following of Seth’s Bike Hacks. Not surprisingly, people have lots of different notions about the life of a professional YouTuber and what it takes to be successful. “When people watch my YouTube videos, they don’t see everything going on behind the scenes. Naturally, they assume that my job is really easy and that it was all luck that got me here. All YouTubers experience it. As a viewer, it’s hard not to see a self-important asshole with a vlogging camera pointed at themselves just hitting record and walking around all day.” The reality is far different. After some deliberation and a quick visit, Asheville, N.C. seemed like a perfect fit. It was halfway between their families in New York and Florida, it offered year-round riding opportunities, and it was cheaper than options like Colorado and California. What followed was a huge leap of faith, but Alvo had to trust his projections. The pair sold their Florida house in just a week and moved to Asheville that April. “Now that I’ve discovered how good the riding really is here, I’m just so glad.” When he’s not enjoying the huge variety of trails that Brevard has to offer, Alvo loves going to Tennessee to ride Windrock Bike Park, which he calls “Pisgah on bath salts. It’s so raw, and you’re free to shred harder because they’re dedicated bike trails.” “I run it like a business. If you want it to be a living and you want it to be long term, you have to take it seriously. It’s work, and the hardest part is that most people don’t think of it that way.” How can he be so sure? All it takes is a glimpse into his inbox to see that viewers think he has unlimited time. He gets bombarded with questions about which bike someone should get based on their specific criteria, or people wanting him to help them learn a new skill. There’s also a healthy dose of advice, including an alarming number of people with the brilliant idea that he should make a video every day instead of once a week. Despite his obvious talent, Alvo is quick to point out that his channel is capitalizing on current entertainment trends that are driving the popularity of YouTube as a platform. Entertainment used to be produced by large broadcasting companies whose executives decided what people wanted to see. Just look at TV shows or news anchors — the people you see on broadcast television are as close to flawless as possible. Until recently, viewers didn’t have any other options. Seth's Bike Hacks Before he knew it, he was spending less and less energy on web development. He was turning down new clients and firing difficult ones to free up more time for editing. “A lot of the people around me thought I was crazy spending so much time making YouTube videos. I had my own business, and plenty of people warned me not to screw up a good thing.” It was too late. After a taste of something he loved, his heart was no longer in web development. “Any time my phone would buzz in my pocket, I had that sinking feeling — what crashed, what got compromised, what fire do I have to put out today?”last_img read more

Now you’re speaking my language

first_imgby: Chasity MonkWhen coaching our financial institution clients on how to sell SWBC’s products (like GAP, MMP, credit life insurance, etc.), our training team encourages participants to provide ongoing feedback. We want to know if the tactics and messaging we taught them worked in a real-life sales situation—and, more importantly, we want to know if they didn’t work.As one might expect, some institutions report having great success, while others tell us that customers decline them before they even finish the first sentence.Although I understand objections (and know that could be a topic on its own), there’s one thing I’ve noticed that most, if not all, of our lower performing clients have in common—and spoiler alert: it’s not difficult customers who are unwilling to buy.Whenever a financial institution tells me they are having a hard time selling our products and services to their customers, I immediately respond with one question: “Are you speaking their language?”This simple question stumps people every time. The typical answer I get is: “Of course I speak their language. I mean, I speak English. Heck, I even speak Spanish. How else would I communicate the benefits of this product in the first place?!” continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Donor accounts opened for “Together for Zagreb” and “Croatia against coronavirus” actions

first_imgToday, the Government of the Republic of Croatia passed decisions enabling the payment of donated funds to the city of Zagreb and the surrounding area affected by the earthquake, as well as a decision on donations of funds intended for the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.  Action “Together for Zagreb” Croatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb 10000, CroatiaCroatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb 10000, CroatiaBIC (SWIFT) CODE BANKS: NBHRHR2XXXXNAME AND ADDRESS OF THE RECIPIENT: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Katančićeva 5, 10000 Zagreb, CroatiaBENEFICIARY NAME AND ADDRESS: Republic of Croatia – Ministry of Finance, Katanciceva 5, 10000 Zagreb, CroatiaBank account number: IBAN: HR12 1001 0051 8630 0016 0Referenca plaćanja / Remittance info – remarks: Support for Croatia Affected by Earthquake 2. “Croatia against coronavirus” A. Financial donations for payers from the Republic of Croatia are paid to the following account: HR1210010051863000160 State Budget of the Republic of Croatia with reference to the approval number: HR68 5380 – OIB of the payer After Croatia, as well as many other countries in Europe and the world, was affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the Government of the Republic of Croatia also passed a Decision determining the account numbers to which donations can be paid in order to receive payments through the State Budget. donated funds intended to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.center_img A. Financial donations for payers from the Republic of Croatia are paid to the following account: HR1210010051863000160 State Budget of the Republic of Croatia with reference to the approval number: HR68 5371 – OIB of the payer After the City of Zagreb and its surroundings were hit by the strongest earthquake in the last 22 years on March 140 this year, with a magnitude of 5,5 on the Richter scale, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted a Decision on March 24, 2020. Croatia receives payments of donated funds intended for the rehabilitation of the aftermath of the earthquake in the City of Zagreb and its surroundings in an action called “Together for Zagreb”. B. Financial donations for payers OUTSIDE the Republic of Croatia are paid to the account of the Ministry of Finance with the Croatian National Bank (foreign payments instructions):  B. Financial donations for payers OUTSIDE the Republic of Croatia are paid to the account of the Ministry of Finance with the Croatian National Bank (foreign payments instructions): Croatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb 10000, CroatiaCroatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb 10000, CroatiaBIC (SWIFT) CODE BANKS: NBHRHR2XXXXNAME AND ADDRESS OF THE RECIPIENT: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Katančićeva 5, 10000 Zagreb, CroatiaBENEFICIARY NAME AND ADDRESS: Republic of Croatia – Ministry of Finance, Katanciceva 5, 10000 Zagreb, CroatiaBank account number: IBAN: HR12 1001 0051 8630 0016 0Reference payment / Remittance info – remarks: Support for Croatia’s fight against COVID-19last_img read more

Former Jiwasraya execs face up to life in prison for alleged corruption

first_imgOther defendants in the case are publicly listed property firm PT Hanson International president director Benny Tjokrosaputro, publicly listed mining company PT Trada Alam Minera president commissioner Heru Hidayat and PT Maxima Integra director Joko Hartono Tirto.Jiwasraya was first accused of mismanagement when it invested its premium revenue from the JS Saving Plan, one of the company’s insurance products, into so-called pump-and-dump stocks. As a result, it failed to pay out Rp 16 trillion (US$1.1 billion) in matured policies due in February to its policyholders.In June, the Attorney General’s Office named 13 asset management companies and a Financial Services Authority official suspects in the Jiwasraya case.(rfa) Topics : “[The prosecution] demands that the panel of judges officially and firmly convict the defendant, Hary Prasetyo, of several acts of corruption,” public prosecutor Yanuar Utomo said during a trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court in Central Jakarta on Wednesday as quoted by also: Indonesia plans to inject $2.5b into SOEs next year to stimulate economy, resolve Jiwasraya scandalAccording to the prosecution, Hary, Hendrisman and Syahmirwan had violated articles 2 and 18 of Law No. 31/1999, as amended by Law No. 20/2001 on corruption eradication, and Article 55 of the Criminal Code.“[The crime] was a deliberate, structured and massive act that led to the financial difficulties befalling Jiwasraya customers,” Yanuar said.center_img Prosecutors have sought sentences ranging from 18 years to life in prison for former executives of state insurer PT Asuransi Jiwasraya for their alleged involvement in graft and money laundering that has resulted in trillions of rupiah in state losses.The prosecution demanded a life sentence and Rp 1 billion (US$67,256) fine for former Jiwasraya financial director Hary Prasetyo, 20 years and a Rp 1 billion fine for former president director Hendrisman Rahim, and 18 years and a Rp 1 billion fine for former finance and investment division head Syahmirwan.Prosecutors said that the three defendants were guilty of corruption that caused losses of Rp 16.8 trillion in state funds.last_img read more

Jokowi sends flowers to Kim Jong Un to mark North Korea’s 72nd birthday

first_imgPresident Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has reportedly sent a basket of flowers to North Korea’s leader King Jong Un to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).The flowers were handed over to an official by the Indonesian Ambassador to the republic on Tuesday, North Korean state news agency KCNA reported.“[Jokowi, in his message] expressed the belief that the government and people of the DPRK would strengthen efforts in overcoming challenges caused by COVID-19 in the spirit of the national founding day,” the KCNA further said. It added that President Jokowi had also reiterated his willingness to bolster cooperation between the two countries “for peace and progress in the region and beyond.”North Koreans celebrate the foundation of the republic on Sept. 9 every year, during which they visit the statues of founding father Kim Il-Sung and conduct various events such as sports competitions and art performances.North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a congratulatory message to President Jokowi to mark Indonesia’s 75th anniversary on Aug. 17 this year.“I take this opportunity to express my conviction that the valuable tradition of excellent friendship and cooperation between our two countries will continue to consolidate and develop as required by the new era,” Kim said in a written statement published on the North Korean Foreign Affairs Ministry’s official website.Indonesia is one of the very few countries that still maintain cordial relations with North Korea, despite international sanctions applied upon the latter concerning human rights abuses and its nuclear missile program.According to Trade Ministry data, the total trade volume between the two countries amounted to US$3.26 million in 2019, up from the previous year’s total value of $964,000.Topics :last_img read more

Arsenal fear Lucas Torreira has sparked transfer bidding war after making England admission

first_imgArsenal star Lucas Torreira as admitted he prefers living in Italy instead of England (Picture: Getty)Arsenal are steeling themselves for the prospect of a bidding war after Lucas Torreira confessed he prefers living in Italy over England.The Uruguay international was the most expensive of Unai Emery’s five headline signings last summer after Arsenal beat Napoli to the services of the combative midfielder.After being eased into the starting XI, Torreira quickly established himself as an integral component of Emery’s new-look midfield and earned cult hero status by scoring his first goal for the club in November’s 4-2 win over Tottenham at the Emirates.The 23-year-old’s performance levels dipped, however, as the season went on and in a recent press conference ahead of the Copa America he confessed he has had difficulty acclimatising to life in north London.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityAsked what parts of life in England he enjoys, Torreira replied: ‘I don’t know if there are many things that I enjoy. ‘I think it was better in Italy. England is a totally different world, a very large country.‘The language [barrier] has cost me, to be able to relate with my peers and with the people. It is very difficult when you can’t have dialogue.‘And so is the climate. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy, you arrive late to your home and it is cloudy. Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 19 Jun 2019 11:38 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.6kShares Comment Advertisement Marco Giampaolo coached Lucas Torreira at Sampdoria and reportedly wants to bring him to AC Milan (Picture: Getty)‘It is strange a little bit, the sun, the more of us that we are here and we are accustomed to having always or almost always the sun. But as the years pass, I’m going to be adapting.’AC Milan have recently hired Torreira’s former Sampdoria manager Marco Giampaolo and the 51-year-old is reported to have made the midfielder a priority target while, according to the Evening Standard, Napoli maintain an interest.Emery’s transfer budget stands at a modest £40m before player sales, but he would be loathe to lose Torreira given the impact he made, especially during the early part of last season.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal  Arsenal fear Lucas Torreira has sparked transfer bidding war after making England admission Advertisementlast_img read more

The Next Three Years…

first_imgThe votes have been counted, the winners have celebrated, the negotiating is under way. But what are the family issues that are going to be on the agenda for the next three years. Here’s our prediction….ISSUES LIKELY TO BE RAISED BY POLITICIANS* Drinking Age /Alcohol Harm – This will be back on the agenda early next year. Unfortunately the National government has shown little will to deal with the obvious harms of alcohol abuse and the solutions put forward by the Law Commission after consulting extensively with the public. Many senior politicians are promoting a ‘split drinking age’ that will send a mixed message and fails to acknowledge the harm of alcohol on the developing brains of teenagers.* Same-sex adoption – This will be pushed by the Greens and Labour, but opposed by NZ First – the question is whether National will resist this ‘social engineering’* Same-sex marriage – This will also be pushed by the Greens and Labour and opposed by NZ First. National?* Decriminalisation of abortion – The Labour MP Steve Chadwick who was championing this law change was voted out at the weekend  But expect the ’cause’ to be picked up by another Labour or Green MP.* Decriminalisation of euthanasia –  United Future’s Peter Dunne was the only party leader in our Value Your Vote questionnaire that was opposed to this proposal* Liberalisation of Easter trading laws – expect this issue to raise its head again, although most of Labour and the Greens are opposed.* Loan sharks – National have pledged to strengthen regulations around this. It’s time to deliver.ISSUES THAT WE’LL RAISE * Informed consent and parental notification for abortion – we know that John Key and Winston Peters both support parental notification, and there is also some support for an informed consent law* Independent Inquiry into child abuse – there is wide cross-party support for this although we are not sure where the two major parties stand* Independent CYF Complaints Authority – once again, wide cross-party support, and a recent Select Committee report approving the concept* Residential brothels and street prostitution – There is currently a bill before Parliament banning street prostitution – although it has stalled and needs to be kick-started. The problem of residential brothels continues to harm families around the country* Decriminalisation of non-abusive smacking – NZ First has a specific policy of amending the law, and just perhaps, National MP’s will finally acknowledge the evidence that the law is targeting good parents and doing  nothing to tackle child abuse* And plenty more – such as daycare harm, income splitting, surrogacy and stem-cell research, broadcasting standards, sexualisation of children in the media, pokie machines, welfare, and more!last_img read more